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Ric's Store Thread -

Don't know anything about this vendor, but not surprised the prices of the old TK75 are coming down. $131 shipped.

Don't know this vendor. Best price ($113.48 shipped) I've seen on a TK61:

There are some OK deals going on in that sale that has like 12 hours left. Wish I had worked on accumulating coupons in the lead up. They do seem to give a general $2 coupon after each purchase. So make individual purchases.

There is a S41S head for $21.45 - 24.17 (Why is the XP-G2 option more expensive, tint?).

A Liitokala Iii-500 for $12.49 (doesn't include the crappy 12v power supply. Which is a good thing in my opinon).

4 emitter SRK for $15.33:


Couldn't help but order a few items from this vendor. Has some interesting SRK variants, multiemitter C12 type lights, etc. Had a 4-up SRK for $12.27.

Got a PM asking about powering the Lii-500 without the stock power supply. I recommend the Dell Optiplex FX160 Power Supply. There are often available unused around around $5. There is a link in the below picture from a vendor I have purchased them from in the past. They're efficient and put out clean power. You just need to wire a 5.5x2.1 jack to them. You could swipe the jacks from an old wall wart power supply like the one that comes with the Lii-500. Just make sure to wire positive to the center terminal.


Lightning fast. Received 2 items from the sale Thursday. Both form this vendor. The sun and angle make the big light look like it doesn't have fins

Hard to tell, but they sure look like laticebrights in those reflectors. Nice head bonker on the left!

Now you talk'n! My modded 16X does 37K lumens, should get it higher. that AliExpres vendor also has this little pocket 18650 e-switch light at a great deal for $8.31, over $12 at GearBest:

Cheap verison of a Nitenumen Ne01, other brands too. It's little bigger though than the Nitenumen.

At risk of sounding like a shill for ThorFire (I’ve been on a binge with them recently, sorry xD), I recently ordered a VG15S and C8S (curious if tailcap will fit Convoy C8) for $25 flat on 4/09 from the same store you linked, Elfeland Outdoor Lighting Store. My second shot at AliExpress, and so far I’m hooked haha. The VG15S price is what sealed the deal tho, as the C8S price is very similar to Amazon’s—and Simon’s Convoy C8 (And JDub47, ToyKeeper, and all the amazing community members who pitched in and really pushed that one over the edge!) is really about reaching perfection as much or more than can be expected for price point, especially with M4DM4X’s amazing savings :slight_smile: Other forum members have been shopping there, as evidenced by the S70s thread.

ThorFire VG15S $13.65 (or $13.49 on app) via ePacket, vs Amazon $22.99 via 2 day Prime

ThorFire TG06S $9.10 (or $9 on app) via ePacket, vs $16.99 via 2 day Prime

Not quite but nearly half price, and ePacket seems to work okay overall (as I say this, my Liitokala Lii-500 has been “Processed through facility” in Beijing since 4/02 without update, but everything else seems to be humming right along).

AliExpress reminds me of a mix of Amazon and eBay blended up by the Chinese manufacturers and traders. Crazy deals to find there with patience to sift through all the chaff, I’m often dropping my jaw (Titanium spork <$3, 20 carabiners <$2, and shipped… what??!), but then as a backpacker/hiker I tend to be a gear hound… Needless to say, as I new customer at AliExpress, I’m curious to see this threads development! I’ve found it’s always good to pricecheck AE before I go off the deep end with flash sales or coupons (ie Eagle Eye X6, Olight S1R), with additional consideration to shipping (many Ali sellers provide free ePacket, some of the overseas stores take longer than others and charge extra for similar shipping speed), and the ability to get more than one item/coupon at a time.

Been eyeing that Skywolfeye clone of the GB clone of Nitenumen NE01 for a few days, but when I Google “Skywolfeye quality” I’m left on the fence and saying I’ll probably try it next time… And I felt more comfortable with the Eagle Eye X2R for gifting vs GB Clone ($10-12 vs $13-15 couponed), altho this half price and that adds up fast. Love my NE01, except would love warm tint, got two for his & hers road trip lights lol. I thought the GB clone was infinitely variable and came with a plastic dry box, this one sounds like the typical budget Chinese 5 mode driver?

I’ve got a cheap streak, love finding little knickknacks to handout. It all started years ago buying those cheap led coin cell keychain lights in bulk from I think DX/dealextreme

Ordered a 3xAAA cob for $1.66 recently vs $1.99 from GB with deal (but can’t use another coupon for another light and combine shipping, not sure but I don’t think works on multiples either). This one looks slight nicer and cheaper @ $1.64,searchweb201602_3_10152_10065_10151_10068_10130_10136_10137_10060_10138_10062_10156_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_10103_10102_10096_10148_10147_10052_10053_10142_10107_10050_10143_10051_10084_10083_10119_10080_10082_10081_10178_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_10037_10033_10032_10078_10079_10077_10073_10070_10123_10120_10124-10152_10151,searchweb201603_2,afswitch_1_afChannel,ppcSwitch_2&btsid=a755caed-7ec3-4c54-b4c3-b8d48b332771&algo_expid=65732472-5d9a-4a04-bdf5-dc84d9fc0d69-4&algo_pvid=65732472-5d9a-4a04-bdf5-dc84d9fc0d69

Sorry I don’t know why the link is so huge :open_mouth: Just search “cob flashlight” and there are tons of similar

Here’s a ~$2 flashlight that was discussed in a thread on BLF (I think my initial search was something along the lines of “sk98 alternative”) that afterwards prompted me to search “Vander 18650”, still waiting on it :slight_smile:

And it’s bigger brother tagged along for <$3

I’m super excited for the BLF Q8, but as of yet I’m still uninitiated in multi-cell li-ion lights, so I’ve been wary of these unknown budget ones. That monster you linked above and the two of you discussing, looks interesting tho, and can’t argue much about price ha. I hunted around his store and suggested links, this is the one I added to WishList, because the led looked different than what was said above to be LatticeBright, so I figured that’s a good sign xD

My impression of the Vander/Skywolfeye products has been, they’re saving money by reducing the amount of aluminum they buy.
They feel like very thin lightweight material.

These compact 18650 lights with the side switch and 30-32 mm head are one of my favorite form factor light. Probably my favorite is the Manker U11, but it has an OP reflector, making it different than most.

On the budget side, I've bought and modded a bunch of these sold under UltraFire usually: They are a clone of the Small Sun ZY T-11 budget model from way back.

The Skywolfeye is an identical match (from the pics/listings) to this from GearBest: I have two of the GB ones are they are pretty chunky - little too big, too much metal for my needs. I like the side body mounted switch PCB, so it allows for a driver replacement.

For the new generation lights, the NiteCore MH20 came out and was copied quite quickly, though still more like a ZY T-11 form factor. The MH20 is the smallest I know of. The NE01 was close to a copy. Here's pics showing what I'm talking bout.

MH20, NE01, ZY-T11 clone, no name 18650 compact:

Adding in the Manker U11:

Received the reminder of my order from X-TOOLS L7 Store. Haven't had a chance to check them out yet. I did pull the driver down on the 4 up. It is typical of cheap SRK's these days. No shelf, but MCPCB does have good contact with the host. The driver is super basic. Thinking it may not have LVP, but I need to verify.

I ordered a 5X SRK from these guys:

Ali store called SKYLasers. No info, nothing shipped - it's been 7 days now. Just left him a msg.

I ordered an Eagle Eye X9 from here:

Yep, the link says X5 but it's really an X9. It was ordered on March 24th, stuck on the way from China to US somewhere since March 31st. Just left a msg for him.

The Ali store I bought XPL W2's from (as far I could verify they are real W2's) has completely disappeared. These, dedomed, beat my V6 1A's dedomed in lumens and throw.

This was the old link:, store name: LED Lamp HJD Shop. They had some shady offferings where bins were clearly exaggerated, but the W2's seemed legit.

I'm not too happy with AliExpress as of late - string of issues

Wait - that XTOOLS X7 Store here:

I can't see any flashlights listed. If I click on flashlights link, I get weird lit up faucets and stuff?? What's up with them, do you think?

Interesting. Yeah, no lights now. I don't know what that's about. Maybe their stuff was so discounted because they were getting out of flashlights.

Wow, di you have a thread/post about your 16X mod?

No, got dribs and drabs all over the place. I should start a thread, but like everything else, I need to spend some quality time on it to finish up loose ends. Update Narsil for single channel FET and dump the 7135, and also add in a UCLp lens. Running it on VTC5A's then, should get over the 40K hump I'm think'n. Rough estimates would be 5% bump on the VTC5A's, and 5% on the UCLp lens.

It is one insane light though, in a pretty compact package. Only regret was not waiting for the XHP50.2's. I'd also love to get 2S4P instead of 2S3P, but that's custom machining of a full battery tube replacement. Wiring nightmares:

Here's the full set of pics: photobucket Custom Mods 16X S88 clone

and a few on the custom made plate: Custom Mods 16X S88 clone plate

Have you had time to open up that one on the left? Are those LB leds? They claim on eBay that there is Cree leds, well for that price, maybe not. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the store still exists but they have no products… :frowning:
I sent them a message asking if they will return, but no reply…

I just bought this one, very cheap with Cree leds :smiling_imp: :\_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&var=621476572567&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I’ll let you know how it looks when i receive it.