APEX 5T6 5xCREE XM-L T6 4x18650 3000-Lumen 3-Mode LED Flashlight----Upgraded version from SolarStorm

APEX 5T6 5xCREE XM-L T6 4x18650 3000-Lumen 3-Mode LED Flashlight


Dimensions:150MM(L)*70MM(Head)*50MM (Body)
Torch Weight: 500 gram
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum; Grey color
Emitter: 5 x CREE T6 1A / 5x T6 3C Neutral White
Current: 8.5A on High ; 3.5A on Mid ; 850mA on Low
Lumens: 2800~3000 lumens
Powered by 4x 18650 (not included)
Modes : High>Mid>Lo With Memory
Switch: Tail cap click switch
With stailess Steel handbar (Removable)

Any question please feel free to ask.


Email: sales@cnqualitygoods.com

Are the crenelations in the head made of steel or aluminum? Cool white leds available?



So here we go! Thanks again Ric :smiley:

Ric, did you personally measure current draws with a DMM or are these manufacturer claims? The 8.5A high mode sounds well driven and the medium mode is a welcome addition. It’ll be interesting when someone compares beam shots to a Skyray king.

yeah anxiously awaiting a review…Ric any idea what Hz PWM is?

Order placed, thx Ric!!

the crenelations in the head made of chrome-plating aluminum. The handbar are made of stainless steel. Cool white and T6 3C NW version are available. CW leds available for sale too.


Getting one, kind of seems one of the best bang for buck in its size.

Quick question… is S/H free for this light?


I was charged shipping.

Welcome aboard, Glenn7!

And the cheapest shipping was $15.00. Whole deal is too $$$$.

Thanks mate! been lurking here for a fair while before this post - I’m over from CPF, the gravity is strong over here pulling me here more often lately Hmmmm this rotten forum has made me buy 2 lights in the last few days maybe I should go back there :smiley:

Aloha and welcome to BLF Glenn7!

any chance of it being upgraded to a 6/7 x cree and have a turbo mode?
would really like to see how the heatsink is connected to the body :bigsmile:

I’ll say this much: like many what we buy and/or influenced to purchase depends on what your into and the environment and resources you frequent as well as the images your subjected to, reviews your read, what attracts you. Iv Been there and just arrived here. Utilize both resources for information. I just made two purchases as well and now that i think about it’s the lights that brought me here.

Plus, the folks here are laid back. Meaning you can do as you wish with no worries of being reprimanded. Just cool folks into the same stuff

Welcome to the madness, lols!

btw will there be a case/pouch to carry this light?

Yes I must admit it doesn’t feel political over here :wink:

The other light I’m getting is the MTE H8-2 8)