AR Coating Lens from

AR lens in stock for sale now.

Double side AR coating lens

27mm x 2mm, Reference Flashlight—- P60 drop-in Type flashlights

42mm x 2mm, Reference Flashlight— C8 Flashlight

55mm x 3mm,Reference Flashlight—Sky Ray King Flashlight (Note : Some clone kings only has 2mm thickness lens)

58mm x 2mm, Reference Flashlight—Ultrafire HD2010 Flashlight

AR Coating lens can upgrade the brightness by 10% to 20%.


yes please, about ten should do me for now. :bigsmile: I’m planning on ordering a couple of c8 upgrades in a week or so, any chance the ar lenses will be ready to be shipped with them?

Can you get the lenses for commonly requested flashlight diameters?

This could be a good alternative to Old-lumens’ concept.

What do you mean by “commonly requested flashlight diameters” ?

Any specification? Dimension?


Here’s the thread: Interest thread for AR coated lenses. Updated 7/10/13. I've decided to drop the idea.

Quote from Tom E:

Quote from rubum:

Depending on price and volume discount, I could use at least 10. Will these be coated on each side?

This one,

Hi Ric, please make the dimension of HD2010/ZY-T13/08 (57.5~58mm).

Don’t know the size atm but how about the Defiant Super Thrower?


62mm, I think.

62mm? thickness?

Anyone has clone kings?

our black king has 2.88mm thickness lens, It seems clone kings has only 2mm lens.


Fandy Fire king: 54.7 × 3.0

DST: (plastic) 2.0 thick, the edge is beveled, 63-64mm, so it can be pressed into the threaded head. I think 62mm glass will work well. Careful if you open it, there’s an easily missed o-ring inside the crown.

AR lens in stock for sale now.

Thanks Ric. Ordered.

Will the 55mm fit the Dry?

I think you would sell a lot of 64mm AR lenses. There are a bunch of folks with plastic lenses in their Defiant Super Throwers. There is at least one new light that has come out Ultrafire 1216, that uses a64mm lens.

Finally a AR coated lens cut for the Skyray King :bigsmile:
Just ordered one. I will take close up pics of both sides when i receive it.

I could use at least 2 of these. Maybe more.

I’ll be ordering a couple as I just got a couple SRK. Would also like to see some for the Defiant Super Thrower, I’d order those too. Thanks!

Just another request for 64mm x 2mm lens for the 3c defiant super thrower.
Looking to buy 2, when there available.