Argo's Review [No comments]

I open this topic to have a single link to the reviews in my signature and a place to catalog and view them.

The list will be updated every time I post a new review, so it will follow a chronological order.

Mankerlight Striker Titanium SFT40

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max Magnet USB XHP70.2

NexTorch P10

Armytek Barracuda PRO XHP35.2 HI

Acebeam Pokelit 519A 5000K

Wurkkos TS30S SBT90.2 5700K

Convoy S2+ 519A 4500K

Wurkkos TS21 219C 5000k

Sofirn C8L XHP50.3 HI 6500

Sofirn SD02B LH351D 5000k

Convoy M21F GT-FC40 4500K

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