Asgard. Anyone still use it much? Any long term praises or problems?

Ok, so this was the big light for a while- but it seems no one talks about it any more. I sent one back, but it was replaced. It turns out the light wasn’t defective, but it’s real finicky on Bluetooth and windows machines- because my current one had the same “issue.” It’s kind of a pain because I have to use a work laptop to update the light… and every so often the light will stop remembering the modes. So basically I haul it to work, hunt down my tiny bluetooth adapter and play “lets hold the light exactly right” to get it to connect.

Oh and sometimes it blinks, and shuts down for a few seconds and then reappears on a higher mode. It does this reliably after 5 or so minutes of being on. Seems like it could be the temperature cut off, but the light isn’t really even warm. I only noticed this last week after my girlfriend was using it as a shoulder held sewing light.

The light kills it in moonlight modes though. I personally use it most in the non PWM moonlight and the other 6ma PWM moonlight. A few of the modes I use are PWM, to get the spacing I like, but it’s so high a frequency I can’t detect it. So it has great regulation.
So 5 months in, anything weird or unusual to report? I know you probably have a dozen lights that have replaced it by now, which is probably why it hasn’t been brought up. Supposedly there was a new light in the series coming.

What mode spacing have you settled on?

Mines a 5 mode.

2.5% (PWM)
.6% (PWM)

I can’t remember exactly what the 3rd mode was other than it was in the 2-something range. Same goes with the sub-moonlight, but it’s one of the presets and it’s lower than the non-pwm “moonlight”

i don’t know of this Asgard light.

This light! It was such a big deal around here several months ago.

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And finally the thread that started it all…

The light was a really big deal for a while.

I too have wondered why the lack of talk about this light now in light (no pun intended) of all the talk months ago. I wondered if the "failure" of this light (was it a failure?) to be a huge seller was a reason FastTech seemed to get ticked off and quit posting on BLF (and therefore turn so much attention to the e-cig market).

I still have no desire for this light.


I sent mine back.. got a Sunwayman D40A instead.. much better imho. ;)
Mine got connected at first, but then not anymore.. just couldnt upload or download any special modes, and the lens and reflector were really dirty. And the finish on the light with all the other stuff was not worth the $50

I also wonder why there are no new Bluetooth enabled lights yet.. I thought they were going to produce some different styles with the same driver.

I sincerely hope they use a new driver- if ever they make a new light. I love the mode flexibility and regulation, but hate the connectivity issues and the reset/erasing of modes that happens every so often. I reprogrammed mine this morning. I believe this is 3 times now the modes have been erased (and reset to default) since receiving my replacement.

I would hope not… but who knows. It seems to have been out of stock the last couple of times I’ve checked. I wonder if they stopped making it?

They were originally supposed to release 2 additional models - a smaller 18650 EDC tube style like the Convoy S2/S3 but of an original design, and then a triple emitter monster light. I am convinced they abandoned the entire idea after all the negative feedback and issues they were having with the initial release. I think they decided to cut their losses and walk away from it.

A real shame though since all the problems were poor planning on their part. They rushed it to market to beat out any competitors (seen any others come out from any other manufacturers yet?) and did not properly test the hardware and software. When they released it there were too many unsolved hardware and software issues as well as quality control issues. I still say it is a brilliant idea and can still be a game changer. If they won't do it, I hope they sell the rights and let someone else make a proper go of it. :~

Yeah, I’d love one if the technology were implemented correctly. Heck it might even be worth exploring using a light with a tripod mount, that also doubles as an antenna mount. screw in a small antenna in a brass connector when you need to program it, then remove it when you’re done. Seems like there’s quite a few ways to do it.

By the way, has anyone elses randomly reset the modes back to factory? Or is that an anomaly with mine?

I discovered the custom program can be deleted and reset to the default modes by repeatedly half-pressing the switch. I don't know how many times, but it takes a lot, like 15-20 or more.

I don't have an Asgard but do have two of the bare drivers they offered right around the launch time. One mysteriously stopped being able to enter programming mode, I still don't know if I killed it or it died of natural causes. The other is in a 3D NiMh Maglite and is working great.