Astrolux S1/BLF A6 parts to Convoy Lego

Does anyone know if any of these parts/bodies will lego with Convoy parts? I am trying to recreate my custom anodized 18350 light. Its an S6 head/tail with an ORIGINAL grey 18350 S2+ body re-anodized black. The new 18350 S2+ bodies from Simon have different threading and WILL NOT work with the S6 lights…

Other pic for reference…

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What Legoes with What?

My BLF A6 head will not fit properly on any of my S2/S2+ lights.

My BLF A6 unanodized head does not even lego with the matching 18350 A6 tube :frowning:

I think my S2/S2+ lights are all original (ie earlier models.)

As you know, there are thread variations among Convoy S models.

It would be a huge help to those of us on mobile devices if you would resize the :stuck_out_tongue: HUGE :stuck_out_tongue: photo above.

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If I put the tailcap of the BLF A6 in Astrolux S1 does not work
The lengths of the threads are completely different.
Astrolux S1/BLF A6 are Lego imcompatible, only few pieces are interchangeable

edeekeos, this is one pretty looking flashlight. How long is it exactly?

Maybe we should reverse this problem and instead of searching components that fit we should contact Simon from Convoy if he would be willing to make this if there’s enough interest? I am sure many people here would like this design if the price and quality was Convoy-like. I know I would! Host option would be great as well.

The light in the photo is just a hair longer than the S2+ 18350, due to an S6 head being used. I personally prefer the majority of the light being knurled. I have ALWAYS been a fan of the S6 lights. Having made probably over 100 of them for friends and family, and myself. However being that there is no 18350 body for this light, I am seeking a solution. Also, the extra mass of the long heatsink in the S6 head is of great benefit for my specific configuration. 3x XPL-HI with a FET driver, tends to create a bit of heat :slight_smile:

I would love to see an 18350 body for the S6 lights, I have MANY people that I have sold a light too, interested on one.

I have contacted Simon and black S2+ tube will not fit S6 and he have no plan of producing short tubes for S6, because even standard S6 sales quantity is to low. I don’t know why the thread change but it is what it is. In this situation I don’t think we will be able to generate enough interest for Simon to consider producing short tubes for S6, especially considering he focuses mainly on S2+ and rechargeable series as not even one S6 is offered for sale at his official store.

What Legoes with What?

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Great News!!!

I took a gamble, and ordered a ‘BLF A6 18350 Tube’, and IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!! Threads together with my Convoy S6 head/tail without issue. I did run into a small connectivity issue with the head however, due to the body being fully anodized, and not making contact with the heatsink in the head. Simple fix though, took a nail file, and exposed a part of the threads to bare aluminum, and voila! We have light! The tail made contact no problem, and retains lock out capability. As far as ano color, its VERY close. The body is an ever so slightly shinier black when compared to the dull ano of the S6 head/tail, but who cares, it’s gorgeous!

I know you are all wanting pics :):)…

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Cheers!! :smiley:

Does it works?

edeekeos, that’s great news! Looks great. Thanks for the info. Which variant of the tube did you order? BLF A6 18350 or Eagle Eyes 18350 ?

Can anyone help me with what screw to use to attach the clip? mine came without, and i have a clip i would like to attach.

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but does anyone know if there are 18350 tubes for the S6? I clicked the link that edeekeos posted but it looks like the black tubes are no longer being produced. There are silver versions available but I would prefer the black.

There seems to be identical items on AliExpress but the seller ratings are pretty poor so I would like to avoid going that route and avoid the headache, even if it’s just items which are a few dollars.

Are there any other options I can look to for an 18350 tube for the Convoy S6?

As far as I know, not :frowning: The S6 threads changed somewhere in time and the convoy and astrolux tubes don’t work. I’ve tried some of the S2+ tubes and they don’t fit.
I ended up changing my original set-up from an S6 to an S2 (not S2+), in order to be able to use a short tube. :confused:

Sad news :cry:

Thanks for the information anyway

Hi guys! Happy this is still alive! Hope you all are well!!

Hi guys, I messaged Simon to check if the S2+ 18350 tubes work with the S6 and they do! He said to use the new square or rectangular cut threads. The previous trapezoidal threaded tubes don’t work but the ‘newer’ ones do.

Here is the S6 with shorty tube next to a regular-sized S2+

I can confirm the fit is correct and it works perfectly! I’m very pleased.