Banggood - Longest time you've waited for item

I placed order on the 10th October and on the 18th the two torches landed then today (21st) the charger and powerbank arrived, good service that to the UK.

All my orders from Banggood has came within 14 days.
My current order cost more than all the other orders combined so I paid extra for EMS express shipping.
It’s been 10 days and the tracking still doesn’t work :frowning:

Ordering from China isn’t something new to me. I ordered my Original Sipiks from Meritline a few years back and the yellow envelopes were delivered in a timely manner.

I ordered 11 Sipik 68 clones on November 8th. I was planning on giving them out as gifts this coming Saturday December 6th, but I think they won’t be here in time for that. So much for the 7 - 20 business days. I’ve ordered a Hubsby XP-2 on the AliExpress 11.11 sale and received it on November 22nd.

I ordered another light from Banggood last week but was smart enough to pay $2 extra to have it ship from their USA warehouse “Straight outta Compton”. :smiley:

As for my 11 Sipik 68 clones, they might have been loaded onto a Chinese junk and are sailing across the Pacific right now.

Product & Tracking Information
Postal Product: First-Class Package International
Service Features: International Letter

Status of Item
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
November 18, 2014 , 4:30 pm Processed Through Sort Facility FUZHOU EMS, CHINA
November 12, 2014 , 2:29 pm Acceptance CHINA

Normally 30 to 40 days well closer to 30 but the BLF Special Edition made it in 18 days setting a new speed record.

Which shipping method did you use?

So far the orders i had with Banggood all arrived in average 3 weeks or a little more to here in Canada. (which is average time for most items i ordered from China.

I’m very much a noob, so my experience is not much of a benchmark. However, I’ve not waited any longer for anything from China than my current wait for the CW version of the BLF Special Edition Eagle Eye X6-SE. I made two orders, one right after the other, as soon as the code was given (Nov 3rd IIRC). The first was my order for two CW and the second was my order for two NW. The NW arrived at the beginning of last week. The CW are yet to arrive.

When I checked my mail yesterday, there was a large box in my mailbox. It wasn’t very heavy but I rushed inside to see what goodies awaited me only to discover that it was medical supplies. Life is cruel. :_(

I think I located my Banggood order. I bet there were some yellow envelopes in there. :smiley:
Mail spills from tractor-trailer in Ohio crash

Just got my cool white BLF Edition X6’s in the mail yesterday - Dec 3rd. So, exactly one month from order to delivery! Not bad, compared to some other stories I’ve seen on BLF. :wink:

I just had a large light sent from BG and paid a little extra for the quicker shipping. 8 days to my door in the UK from order. That’s very good indeed.

60+ days and received "Brass 18650 XP-G R5 (7C tint? At least that's what CNQG is selling... definitely WW)" instead of "Brass AA XP-G2 R5"

Sorry missed your reply, I just used the standard free option.

For me, the longest time was in 2013 (23 days). This year has been better (16 days).

I think my problem is that I had a large order. I ordered 11 Sipik 68 clones for gifts and I think that being a bigger package is slowing it down. A order with 1 or 2 flashlights comes pretty quick. The tracking on my 11 lights shows that it’s been sitting in Chicago for 2 days. I wonder if customs is holding it up since it’s a bigger package?

Is there a BG-Member on this forum?

I ordered a powerbank 1.5 Month ago (that 10400 Xiaomi for 16:money_mouth_face:.
I got other orders pretty fast (10 days), so I’m curious, why this takes so much longer.
No tracking :frowning:

I don’t care, as long as they used a shiopping method where this thing goes through the customs…
Or did they ship this via ship because of Li-Cells vs. planes?

Since BG uses China post ( mostly) its shipping time is qierd and unknown:
several months ago i ordered 3x X6 and right after 2 days aditional 2 pieces……those two came in 10 days, the first order after like 60 or so days

And it happenes all the time, sometimes 10, sometimes 20 days, sometimes 2 months….CHina post :Sp

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I ordered 24-LED Light Bar last 15 March and it still hasn’t arrived till now. :frowning:

WTH should this mean!
I just ordered 2 items and saw this:

BG, If you think that I am going to wait until July 16 for you to ship my orders then you are living in illusion…