Best 26650 (or even 18650) For High Current & Maintaining Voltage

So what is the best battery for a high current draw (lets just say 10A) that maintains good high voltage under load? 26650 size (or 18650 if it beats the 26650). Runtime (capacity) is not important. 3.7v (4.2v charged) cells only and it doesn't have to be protected. Is the Efest IMR 26650 any good? Would a Panasonic NCR18650PD perform better? I also want something "budget", so I don't want something costing a fortune.


I guess I should have also linked the MNKE IMR 26650. I'm really wondering about which ones maintains highest voltage during a 10A discharge.


Good question. I have a single 26650 light and was about a good budget 26650 cell, because I currently only have an Orange Ultrafire.

The Pink Lg 3000mah 18650’s perform better than the pana PDs at 5amps.
Pity u need a 4.35 charger tho, I ve found a decent CC CV charger that will suit\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

I’m should receive my Pana PDs soon. I was hoping to get a little more current out of them compared to my Sanyo ZTs.
If they perform well, they might be a good budget option for higher current lights, and still have some capacity.
I have heard good things about the newer Samsung high-drain cells too, but no first-hand experience. They are 4.35V as well, IIRC.

What about these? 50A max discharge.

Hmm . . . another consideration, but what about voltage sag between any of these? I'm guessing an IMR 26650 should sag less than an 18650 generally speaking.


Keep an eye out for Milwaukee v-series battery packs in your local HD’s clearance area. They have been discontinued and are no longer carried. The M-series has replaced it. I just scored 3 V18’s with a charger for $40. Each pack has 5 Moli 26700 IMR’s. 3000mAh each. I don’t have measuring equipment, but I have some single cell xml2 lights like the hd2010. The lights are brighter then with unprotected King Kongs. That seems like an indicator of less sag.

EDIT: Oh, I did measure current at the tail of a couple lights. It was higher in each, but I didn’t bother recording or calculating how much an increase it was. Seemed like less than 10%.

Did you order them from FT? I just got four, and all the negative ends are dented in exactly the same. It looks like it might be assembly line damage. They seem fine other than that. Factory seconds?

HKJ did a test on those EFEST 26650 IMR’s
Seem pretty good to me.

Yeah FT. You mean the C-shaped dent in the photos on their listing?

I think that is a stamp impression where the cell roll is internally welded to the case. It may be a manufacturing defect, making these seconds, but if it didn’t puncture or severely weaken the case, they should be good to go.

are you using these series or single cell?

ten amp discharge is a lot, what are you up to? because I want a piece of it. Sl3 mod?

Until 10A panasonic pd is the best over this the Samsung 20R is better…Use hkjs comparator to compare a Panasonic pd with some 26650s…

It's for single cell multi-emitter use. I might be getting a light in for review with which I would like to test with a high quality cell (just in case it significantly helps for output). Besides, I'd like to have some good cells anyway :) . I'm thinking to get some Panasonic NCR18650PD's.


I couldn't find the Panasonic PD listed in the comparator.

EDIT - Ah! It's these Enerpowers!

EDIT #2 - Using HKJ's Comparator the Efest 26650 IMR's easily beat out the Enerpower/Panasonic 18650 PD's!


I hope the 26650 IMRs can beat the 18650 NCRs in a current supply race! :open_mouth:
From a price comparison, now that’s a different story. :wink:

Well I am looking at the ability of the 26650's to hold higher voltage.

And interestingly enough I see the two types of 26650's I already own (TF Flame 26650 & King Kong INR) also hold higher voltage than the Panasonic PD's. I was guessing the PD's might at least beat the TF Flames (well, they are better than "Fake" flames I'm sure).


I didn’t even notice that image on the FT website. When I first got them, I took one out of the package and threw it in a new light. I thought the brass spring sleeve had screwed up my new cell. I had the whole ail assembly taken apart before I realized the other three cells were the same.
I have some more coming from DoingOutdoor. I’m curious to see if they are the same.

If 3.2 volts under heavy load are enough, how about LiFePO4:

A123 18650:

A123 26650:

I have both types of batteries and their ability to deliver insane amounts of current is simply incredible!

My PD’s from doing outdoor are the same. I figure they are meant to be like that.