Best Bicycle Torch

I'm curious...what torch does everyone recommend for the handlebars of a bike? This is mainly for road riding but might go on the trail as well. I prefer torches as they can be used as double duty when camping. Thanks in advance!

I and several riding buddies use several:

C8 style torch on the bars - Any one will do, but favor a OP reflector to light up the area in front of the bike. I mostly do trail riding at night, if I was road riding, probably use a different light with Smooth reflector. I recently sold my XM-L and XP-G models, so I'm down to an older SSC P7 that still does the job and a smaller Balder BD-2. I also have a Solarforce M8 that will work on the bars in 1x18650 mode.

Thrower for the helmet - I rotate a P-Rocket, Yezl Z1 and N-Light ST50 and will use my new Solarforce L2P when it arrives. The P-Rocket and L2P can do double duty as a handlebar lights.

If you ride without helmet light, recommend two lights on the bars, one OP the other SMO reflector. Here's a few pics of some lights and holders:

Two Keygos Ke-5s on my Centurion Ironman Master.

Also, I have to Keygos Ke-1s on my 79 Raleigh Competition.

IMO, the C8 type/size torches are ideal in size, brightness, looks, and one could say price too, for bicycles.

The best is probably this one.

I really like the KDC8

with this mount

Are you sure that mount will fit a C8 size torch? Such as the UF C8, Keygos Ke-1 or Ke-5?? I had some clamp mounts like that, and they would not fit my Keygos Ke-1 or 5. I had to get the U type mounts. I have since ordered the mounts with straps. I would really like to use mount like this if it would fit. You got any pics of it with a big torch mounted?

The picture shows a SMALL torch mounted in the clamp. ?

Cick for full-size view

My KDC8 fits perfect and my Skyray 3XML also fits. My brother has a KDC8 with the same mount also. I don't own any of the other lights you mentioned but my Ultrafire 501B and 504Bs fit and also my EDI T P-4 fits. I haven't tried any others.

Edit: I went outside and took a picture for you. I never recommend anything I haven't tried.

The KDC8 is on the left and the Skyray 3XML with 2 18500 batteries on the right.

I have been using a 2-sided Velcro strap to affix the 4/7 Maelstrom X10 to my bike (Cruiser)

The 1.8 hour rating on HI is very well-suited to my riding, and the stubby light makes for a shorter moment of polar inertia when turning the handlebars.

The triple-XM-L modded JM07 is going there next, when done.

Has anyone found a 26650-light sized strap/holder/clamp arrangement that doesn't involve pipe clamps? (no offense, but wifey won't go for it on her bike.)

EDIT: That seat looks very, uh, organic. Is is comfy, E ? The anatomical relief cut looks like a winner !

Yeah it's super comfy, it's the only bike I can ride since I fractured my spine. The frame is actually stretched where the crank bolts on to make it more ergonomic.

I ride a road bike and I find the best type of host is a smaller P60 type one so that there is plenty of flood and the best emmiter for me is the XP-G R5. Although I have XR-E Q3, Q5 & R2, XP-G R5, SSC P7 and XM-L T6 I still think the best beam is produced by an R5 with a SMO reflector running at about 1 amp.

However this is only for roads with no streetlights as in town I like to have a flasher (Cateye) the strobes on torches are too fast but flashing helps drivers notice you easier and is better for being seen.

For me to see by on road without causing drivers to blast you with their headlights my twin 18650 Ultrafire WF-502D with a single mode XP-G R5 is king. I also get 5-6hrs run time too so I can commute all week on unlit roads for about 1 hour a day with one set of cells.

Off road king is definately the XM-L T6 in a KD C8 SMO running at 2.7 Amps

But we are all different and experimenting is fun


Post or send me the O.D. and length for the light in question - I think I have the perfect mount for you. Post a pic too or let me know which model light.

And if you are looking for a comfy saddle - check out my avatar. It's a Brooks B-17 Champion Special. That particular one has over 30,000 miles of bliss on it. Brooks brand is well over 100 years old, pretty much made the way they always were in England. The leather saddle molds to your sit bones in a few hundred miles and you forget it's there. These have always been favorites of long distance riders - I have 3 of them with a combined mileage of 70,000 over the last 12 years.


It sounds like most of you recommend C8's. This light was already on my want list. Do you think there will be a discernible difference between this light and the Manafont or Keygos previously mentioned?

Many on BLF consider the XINTD C8 to be one of the best out there. It or the Romisen RC-T601 would be my top picks. They cost more but I believe they will hold up in the long run.

I'll get you the info shortly - thanks !

I stand corrected. Cry

And your setup looks good too!!

I had tried to put C8 size torch into that mount before, but couldn't do it. After I posted my reply, I started thinking (rarely). I have those mounts mounted on one of my bikes, I took the C8 size torch and tried again. Still no go. Then I took off the tailcap(I am newbie so bear with me Laughing),and then inserted the torch. It went in!! I replace the tailcap. Just a little movement, so I went and put a rubber insert inside with the torch and just like you had stated, they do work!

Again, thanks for the correction!!

As you can see, per your information, I was albe to load my torches in those mounts. Laughing

See the little ones. on the left?

This is what I had in those mounts before..

Now, I am a happy camper..Those little torches are on the shelf now, and I am ordering to UF C8s for $17.99 off Ebay to go that bike.. ;)

Two Keygos Ke-5s set nicely in those mounts.. :)

Because I realize that this has nothing to do with the OP, I'll say "sorry" upfront, but I think this needs to be said. I've worked in the bicycle industry for a long time and BetweenRides is 100% correct about Brooks saddles. If you can afford them and can endure the break in period, you will find true love. Likely not worth it for a casual rider, though. I'll add too that, barring some medical condition, and speaking in the most general way, a saddle that is relatively long, narrow, and stiff will be far more comfortable in the long run than the short, fat, and soft saddle that feels so good on the parking lot test ride.

Of course, your mileage may vary (pun intended).

Since I'm already way, way off the reservation... averaging 115 miles a week, given harsh winter conditions and an urban environment is quite impressive. So props, BetweenRides, props! I can see now that when you are on the forum, you are literally between rides.

You got it, Cone.

Cycling really is my first addiction, and night riding is an important though limited part of that. I have to admit some of my miles are indoors on Computrainers - don't ride in snow. I'm in my 23rd season of mostly road riding and generally average 5,500 miles a year. I only have 5 bikes though, so my flashlight collection is larger.

Now back on topic; OP - sorry for the digression (Although pretty normal for a BLF thread).

Well, I got to chime in this slightly off-topic bit too! Wink

Three of my bikes are sporting Brooks. Wink and I got a white Chinese knock-off that is a killer on one of my other bikes. Getting ready to get another one too.Wink

It is my understanding that brooks saddles is one of, if not the, longest existing companies in the world that has only ever made one thing.

im a Flyer model man myself (a B17 with springs) i have several (and several more straight B17) some of which i have been riding for 20+ years.

the quality of the hides they use has become an issue for them in recent years, as it is especially thick and raised on organic farms. i think they only have 10 employees or so but all their saddles are 100+usd now. if you want one, buy one. like to see this firm make 150 years (2016) but wonder how long they can keep it up.

now back to our regularly scheduled madness....

Dang, that’s a long head tube. What are you like 6’7"? That’s a big bike.

I use dual flashlights on my handlebars . A Trustfire F-15 ( Modded by E1320 with a five mode neutral XML ) , and a Solarforce L2 with a Manafont three mode XML dropin with a diffused lens . I have these lights affixed with Twofish Lockblocks to my 1997 Bianchi Lynx .