Thanks for that. I should have the lights tomorrow (got to love Amazon), so I will soon have an idea.
I am just wondering what they are “supposed” to be. Curious that they don’t mention it at all in the Amazon listing.

Code please.

Also, I agree that the name is a bit of a miss.

The emitter in the SC31T SE CSTEBOKE seems like Sofirn’s usual LH351D 5000K to me…nice neutral tint on the warmer side of the bin, not too green at all. Got mine today. Slightly disappointed because I thought it would be more like Sofirn’s other drivers with dual switches where you can put the light on a setting, click off with the tail switch, then click back on and be in that setting (I like doing that with turbo in some situations so it’s insta-brite at a single click). With this light, there is no on-off with the e-switch. The tail switch controls power exclusively and the side switch is just for changing modes. Puts it in more of the tactical light category, I guess. Comes in stepped mode with four steps…double click for turbo. Accessing moon is an odd affair…have to hold the side switch with the light off, then click the tail switch. Has an odd behavior when ramping up from the floor…long pause that is not a blink, but that behavior isn’t observed when ramping down. It’s a nice smooth ramp, just the right speed. The manual has a personalized sentence with contact info for Barry on the first page, which I thought was pretty neat…haven’t noticed if they added that to other manuals before.

I had plans to put the tail switch on my SC31 Pro and then gift the CSTEBOKE to an electrician friend using the magnetic tail cap, but don’t think this will work after all. That would leave him with no intuitive on-off besides breaking the connection with the tailcap. That’s not so conducive to using the light while working with your hands full and tools/materials and such. Oh well. Also learned that putting the clicky tail on the SC31 Pro doesn’t let it behave like I expected with the C8F and similar.

But the light itself is standard very-good Sofirn quality all around. Driver seems to be glued with what looks like way too much glue, board sitting slightly cockeyed in the cavity because of that. Standard 3000mAh Sofirn-wrapped cell. The box is the plainest brown box ever seen…just a barcode stock sticker and that doesn’t even say CSTEBOKE or Sofirn on it, strangely generic. It’s like a military issue or something. lol. Great deal on it and thanks again for that extra discount code! I’m sure it’ll see some use and possibly a driver mod if I don’t gift it, not sure yet.

So the “SE” part of the model number here is “Special Edition” of the SC31T and that appears to be true. Good light, though. Could be a collector’s item if the branding doesn’t pan out…

Unno, mine seems warmer than 5000K, comparable to my E2L.

What app do youse use for plotting xy ANSI coordinates for CT/tint? That might come in handy so I can avoid guesswork.

Would a tail switch on the SC31 Pro provide any benefit besides using the tail switch to mechanically lock out the SC31 Pro instead of loosening the tail cap (which would probably be a more reliable lock out than a tail switch) if you do not want to use the Anduril electronic lockout on the SC 31 Pro?

It would not eliminate parasitic drain on the battery, assuming the tail cap on the CSTEBOKE SC31T SE is designed similarly to the tail cap on the Sofirn SC31T, as explained in another thread:

None, other than the questionable Opple. I’ll bring the light to work and if I have some spare time the next couple days I’ll see what Opple suggests with and without the reflector/lens.

Anduril can be used with a mechanical switch as well (requires different firmware configuration). And the diodes can be removed easily. If you ask Sofirn they might sell the tailcap separately.

I was hoping it would behave like the C8F, etc. Not concerned with lockout and drain, just the function. I hadn’t followed the SC31T and wasn’t aware of that unique setup, but yes, those two diodes are also present on the CSTEBOKE tailcap…and thanks for that because it explains the behavior I saw when putting the cap on the SC31 Pro. :slight_smile:

bike light manual

I got my SC31T SE CSTEBOKE today and my initial impressions are that it’s of the same quality as my Sofirn lights, which is to say very good.

Charging was at 1A and my battery came off at 4.2v, which is higher than my other Sofirns where they terminate around 4.17v.

Fairly nice and warm tint.

Hate the ends of the clip; they’re raised so much that they dig painfully into my fingers :frowning: . Going to either take the clip off or file the ends down so they’re not as raised.

Getting to moonlight by having to press the side and tailcap switches at the same time has to be the craziest thing ever :person_facepalming:

Not even sure why I bought it and I’ll probably just throw it into my pile of other unused lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Could I get a code for sc31t.

Code for sc31t please ty

Interested in a code for the bike light. Thank you!

I would also like the code please. :smiley:

Code for SC31T SE please.

I do love this thing! And have recently put my 5 Star review up on Amazon.

Now, I want to say this here as well (BLF). Hoping CSTEBOKE/Sofirn will be more likely to read it, here? and, as a reminder to all of you wonderful forum people. Who can help me keep promoting this ‘fact’.

Here is a direct quote from my review:

“I do want to take this opportunity though, to ask CSTEBOKE, Sofirn, and many of the other flashlight manufacturers. Please, add a second pocket-clip groove to the other end of the battery tube. It costs you nothing to do. Some companies do it, but many others often forget. Having this second groove, allows us users to flip the clip around, and then clip the flashlight to the bill of our baseball cap. For hands free operation, when we need it. Thank you.”

:slight_smile: :+1:

Can’t do it on every light, but with this one you can just flip the battery tube if you want the clip near the head. Easy peasy.

Thank you much, Correllux! Yep. . . . . Four threads on each end. Nice!

And it’s quick and easy enough for me, to be easily good enough. I don’t need to do it but about once every week or two, and if I keep an eye on thread/O-ring lube levels. I can keep things from wearing down, from all of the 25 to 50-ish flips a year.

I do always have a headlamp hanging up and ready to go at all times, but it always seems to so darn far away. Every time I really need it. My EDC light, is always on me though. :+1:

Once upon a time, this tube flipping was possible more often. It seems like about the last twelve lights I tried this on. It was a no go. So I’ve gotten conditioned I guess, to not think about that option anymore. Thanks for the reminder.

I feel kinda silly now . . . . :smiley:

A bit late to the party, CSTEBOKE really isn’t that catchy… How about :

A-NU-SHINE as a brand. :wink:

Motto : “…For when the sun don’t shine”