BLF After Dark, CSS theme [not relevant anymore]

Update 2023-02

This thread is no longer relevant, since BLF switched from Drupal to Discourse. The new Discourse version of this thread is here:

Additionally, the themes are (mostly) available directly on the server, so people don’t have to install a browser extension to use them. Just pick a theme from the theme chooser widget in the sidebar, or in your user preferences.

Original Post

I find black text on a white background hurts my eyes, and I spend a lot of time on BLF, so I made a dark theme.

Er, actually I found a dark theme in the repository a while back. And I modified it a bit. Then BLF got a major upgrade and the theme broke, so I fixed it and modified it quite a bit more. I figure I should share it in case anyone else prefers dark themes.

So, for now, it’s hosted here:
… and at

The theme isn’t 100% complete, and I don’t know much CSS, and I’m not good at graphic design, but it mostly works…
Patches, enhancements, and bug reports are welcome.

To use this, install the “Stylus” extension, then search the repository for “BLF” and follow the instructions there. (Update 2018-07: Use Stylus, not Stylish… Stylish was bought and became spyware)

Here are some screenshots of how it looks. I’ve set them to scale down to fit the screen, but if you click them it’ll show full-size:

How do I use this? In firefox?

thankyou thankyou thankyou

I installed it with the “Stylish” addon (Firefox) — which will install and also optionally auto-update from a URL; do you feel secure enough to support automatic updating once it settles down?
If so you could give it a URL name like “latest” for the auto-update to find. I know you know that, just, er, mumbling.

Not that I think automatic updating is a good thing. I’m just lazy and prone to miss improvements if I’m not alert.

Thanks, that was a great thing to do for us.

Thank You soooo MUCH! clapping
I’ve waited for dark style for so long :smiley:
At last my eyes will rest :slight_smile:

@mattlward You should “Write new style”, and copy content of the latest file into there (divide it at two sections), and save it :wink:


Sticky’d, thanks a lot!

Oops, I didn’t see the replies until now. I guess the new site doesn’t yet auto-subscribe people to their own posts. :slight_smile:

i thought this thread would be about secret after dark BLF activities, such as secret societies, rituals, sacrifices (of lumens of course) and so forth.

nope, i posted that in the migration completed thread

FWIW, I noticed that I forgot to style private messages. So… I did that, and updated the css file. It now applies different styles to new messages vs old messages. I’ll post a screenshot after I get a new private message (but not too private :slight_smile: ), and maybe after fixing another little issue I just noticed.

Need to do something about the message number text. It shows:

… with the last number on a new line. Even though there’s plenty of room on the previous line. Probably some sort of hard-coded size in the parent stylesheet, I’m guessing.

Okay, here’s how private messages look:

Bort has been to the world museum of Coca Cola in Atlanta, fun place.

TK could you alter the theme to make the color of the Maim Menu (on the left) items the same as the brighter blue color of the “Home>Forum>Miscelaneous” items on the top? The same goes for the thread list, they’re too dark to read against the dark grey background, they need to be a little brighter.

That’s an easy change:

I found that I had to override it the forceful way though, which had some side effects… like, links which used to be white turned blue. And I found it seemed a little too bright. So, for me personally I think I’ll stick with the un-styled links (inherit the default style from BLF instead of overriding).

In any case, it’s at that link and the one-line change is tagged with DanielM if you want to find it or modify it. :slight_smile:

TK, thank you Very Much, my eyes & their owner are Very Grateful. :BEER:

A few more little fixes:

  • Finally themed the tab widgets, like at the top of the account settings.
  • No more weird wrapping on the private message thread pager.
  • Less obnoxious “Tag this conversation” widget.
  • Shadows on links to increase contrast, instead of making the text color brighter.

That last one is probably the most noticeable. It showed me a few things I didn’t realize were clickable before, like in the commercial sellers’ rules:

Ignorant question: this would not work for Chrome on an Android device, would it?

I haven’t tried, but I don’t see why not. If it can run the Stylish extension, it should be able to do this.

So, I looked it up. I’m seeing “May 14, 2015: Google Chrome for Android will not be getting extension support any time soon, Chrome developers say …”

However, it seems to work on Firefox on Android. After installing Stylish, I told it to get styles from, searched for “BLF”, and then followed the links to install it.

… and now it works on my tablet.

iam little bit PC analphabet-i use chrome for xp windows…please,how to use this screen? how to run it?
my eyes need some break:)))))))))

As it says in the first post:
To use this, install the “Stylish” extension, then search the repository for “BLF” and follow the instructions there.