BLF Edition ThruNite Saber 1A Group Buy - $19.99

There was many requests for custom lights and expensive models to become a BLF edition but in true BLF spirit ThruNite has decided to make this BLF edition affordable for everone.

With the approval from Mr Admin ThruNite are offering BLF Edition Saber 1A for $19.99 for a limited time
(regular Saber price $29)

They will be for sale for 1 week only and are made to order.

Link with how many days left and how many have been bought HERE
Direct link to buy the BLF Edition Saber 1A HERE

Technical specifications

- ThruNite Saber 1A BLF Edition

- Classic EDC Flashlight

- Easy operate in one hand


- Firefly 0.09lm - Low 9lm - High 169lm

  • Power by 1x AA Battery

My review of the regular Saber 1A HERE

If there is any questions post here and I will try to clear them up or contact ThruNite myself to ask for you.

I’ll be in on this. That is a nice format. I like twisties, especially with firefly mode.

Many questions

Same lumens on NiMH?
Is there a low battery warning?
Is there a shipping cost or is it included?
Can i upgrade the star to sinkpad (is it removable?)

crap! i just got this one in the mail… would have loved to have gotten the BLF version instead… (also cheaper!! ;))

very nice light! very, very nice light on 14500s!!

Ditto, placed my order…

Not sure about the lumens as NiMH is 1.2v and it used a 1.5v. It would depend on how its regulated but Ill ask.

No low battery warning.

Yes shipping is included.

Yes you could upgrade it if you wanted, from memory Old Lumens had pics somewhere of it pulled apart? (Could have been someone else)

Looks like fathers day is covered. I’m in.

I am sure of the high quality.

Is it $19.99 shipped US?

USPS/CA Singapore Registered Airmail

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Group Buy: ThruNite Saber 1A BLF Edition Saber 1A Group 1 $19.99
Subtotal $19.99
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Grand Total $19.99

Thank you again, Main Website Store

Yes, unless you take the $6.00 Shipping Upgrade…

Very nice deal. Will this support 14500’s?

Bin and tint?

Only 23 min left for the deal

Officially no but it doesn’t stop people using them, if you cause damage with one I you would void the warranty on it.

6 days 22 hours?

Mine shows 0 days 10 min now.

Just ordered one :slight_smile:

R5 bin, the tint I’ll ask but I can tell you is its pure white (neutral) to me.
No blue (or any other colour) in the tint at all unlike the older T10 with the XP-G in it.

I just got a reply back from them.

Yes it has the same lumen output on 1.2 and 1.5v

R5 1C

Geez, first the Archer, now this! But I feel obligated to get a “BLF” edition… Ordered placed!

Thank you ezarc