Cause of Death


This thread is a somewhat macabre.

I'm relatively healthy, and I tend to avoid risky situations.

If I were to die prematurely, I think it would be in a car accident because I travel by car every now and then.

If you were to die prematurely, what do you think would be your cause of death?

killed by wife because of spending too much money for flashlights :smiley: :smiley:

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WTF :person_facepalming:

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[quote] If you were to die prematurely, what do you think would be your cause of death? [/quote]

Killed by my neighbors' loose aggressive dogs. I walk seven miles daily. It's only a matter of time before they finally get me.

Smoking — Drinking — Chasing Wild Women —— Nah just kidding — I quit all that stuff — I’m gonna die from BOREDOM

Probably a jet engine falling on me in my sleep.

Chuck Norris.

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Sure, I’ll play along.

Probably a vehicular collision between my bicycle and whatever motor vehicle. If I know where I live, the highest chance is some rich playboy’s pickup truck.

I’ve had a few beautiful young actresses killing me butt then I woke up.

occurring or done before the proper time.

so, my death (now or later)
would not be premature.

regardless, the most dangerous thing
i do on a daily basis is drive my car.

I don’t live near waters but I always had the feeling that I’d die by drowning.

I’m thinking of suspending my retirement and going back to work as a logging equipment operator. Only makes sense that I should die under a log like any good logger.

Nailed it

"Premature death" is its own term and has its own definition.

Premature death: Death that occurs before the average age of death in a certain population.

Freesoloing and not paying attention to my diet. Show up to do a freesolo rockclimbing lap and am 5 lbs over and feeling fat. Had eaten ice cream bars and Hostess Brownies the previous day (wait, that’s what occurred today, showed up at work with health food and it went to shit). It’s a high gravity day and I fall to my death. It’s fine. We all die.

Been playing this game for over 48 years now, it’s still my game of choice. Many (perhaps all I know of at this point) of my contemporaries have gotten health issues, quit climbing and some have passed, so no worries.

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I want to die having hard sex with an explosive female.

No other way to die is worth in my opinion.


You make a good point.

I learned something important today.

Sorry boss.