Code now public! BLF A6 FET+7135 Light. Short 18350 tubes and Unanodized Lights Available

The final code / UI is here:

Specifically, the text description and UI diagram should be helpful:

5A for me please! Looking forward to getting my code :smiley:

Just noticed, never specified, soooo #81~~#82~~#83-#84 Coooool White, please!

Yes, there is a battery check mode.

Hm, I think I’m going to need that UI printed for reference.
Maybe something like this
Or else ‘upside down’ on a T-shirt so I can read it easily ….

It has a battery check mode to show approximate remaining charge. It’s a simple “four bars” system like a cell phone’s signal icon, not detailed like a DMM reading. The idea is to let you know when the battery needs recharging, or if there is enough power left for a bike ride, etc… not to show the exact voltage.

It also doubles as a long-running beacon.

It looks more complicated than it is. :slight_smile:

By default it has 7 modes in low-to-high order, with off-time and no memory. You can change that if you want, but you don’t have to.

I know that it “Looks” complicated TK, but it’s really just “click” for on, then click, click click, to go up through the brightness levels, and “Press” at any time to go down one.

Isn’t that about it?

The disco modes and battery checks mean nothing to me, so they won’t be a bother at all for me.


No…. Don’t…. Then I’ll have to add a 3D to the two I already signed up for :smiley:

Pretty much. I think of it as “click”, “tap”, and “hold” though. Click for on/off, and tap or hold (like a camera shutter half-pressed) to go up or down.

Got it!

Thanks TK!

In the UI diagram, there is no arrow pointing back to OFF. Is “click” at any mode turn it off?

Yes, any time the power is cut for more than 1.5s, it will reset to moon (or to the last-used mode, if memory is enabled).

How do you turn off (cut) the power? How do you enable/disable memory?

The button on the tail is a hard physical kill switch for power. If you press it, power is cut… end of story. No matter what, you can always turn the light off with a single click, because it physically disconnects the battery.

After power is cut, a small capacitor gradually drains itself as a way of measuring time while the light is off. This capacitor’s voltage gets read immediately after power comes back, and the light uses that to determine if you made a short, medium, or long press.

To toggle mode memory or the mode group, enter config mode (quickly do a bunch of short taps until the light stops coming on). Then the light will blink out two groups of two. Turn it off between the first two blinks to toggle the mode group, or turn it off between the second two blinks to toggle mode memory. This setting is remembered even with the battery removed, so you only have to do it once.

Everybody please read the op completely before making TK keep repeating herself. If something is not there I will try and add the info.

Also, did I miss a pic of the completed light?

Sheesh guys, its awesome and easy, all you have to remember is: turn off/on like any other light, forward advance like any other light with short press .5s, hold for medium press to “reverse” into the special modes, or ignore if you don’t want em. You really don’t have to know anything else, nice and simple as it can be and still get all these preferences in there!

Just remembering 2 things you get almost all the functionality: short press advance, medium press reverse, keep going to reverse into special modes and you don’t need anything else really, just set up 4 vs 7 and memory off/on in the beginning and you have to known nothing else afterwards but short press forwards medium press reverse into special.

I would like to add:

four 3D to my 5 CW for a total of 9 lights.