Convoy designed me (us) a hunting flashlight (L21B)

Hi all,

I have my own flashlight business here in New Zealand and my main market is hunting. I’m needing a mountable flashlight host with as large a reflector as possible for the best range using the Osram leds. It needs to be as light as possible so it’s not too heavy when mounted on the rifle.

Currently Maxtoch is the best seller here, but if I can get something with a decent diameter reflector, I can compete for a fraction of the price.

I’m currently selling both the Convoy C8+ and L21A and they’ve been very popular with the Osram CSLNM1.TG but unable to mount the L21A as it’s too heavy.

This would be made by Convoy

Any help is appreciated. I’m just no good at coming up with ideas or a design.

Big reflector usually means extra weight. Eagletac m25c turbo has a small body to head (reflector) ratio. You can get those reflectors at kaidomain. However if weight is that much of an issue look for a plastic reflector like what’s in a fenix tk61

Hi, I also have small business with Convoy to hunters and have been bugged for some time with the same thoughts. May be look close to Olight M2X design - 18650 light with 60-65 mm head, very thin bezel, but big cooling fins, quality reflector. M2X without battery is 209 g. Eventually if he manages to make a thin body tube - 25-26 mm, he will be able to fit 21700 still in the standard 24-27 mm mount. If possible 22 mm driver (the new 8A will help a lot). Remote switch for this light will also be essential, in my opinion 2A USB charging in the threads will also be beneficial. I will be also buying this light for my customers, lets keep in touch.

i don’t know anything about it but curious:

What kind of hunting occurs at night—is it safe to shoot a rifle at night?

what about a missed shot how far could the round travel? Is it a concern that it might hit something you can’t see?

Just wondering.

Maybe something like Acebeam L17

I want to reduce weight based on the shape of the L21A. I will communicate with the manufacturer.

Hi Simon,

That would be great. I actually found a mount that will fit a flashlight up to 30mm so that would work out well. The L21A host is easy to modify which is what I ideally want.

I will post the design drawings here tomorrow for your reference.

i recommend KW CSLPM1.TG and KW CULPM1.TG for L21A.
i will get 8A driver for KW CULPM1.TG sample tomorrow

I think to pull this off would require a large interest list or a large order from myself to get it made.

I asked Sofirn in April and they quoted a minimum of 150pcs

I’m not exactly after a compete flashlight, but a host to install a variety of leds and drivers. At the moment I’m using the Osram CSLNM1.TG white, green, red and plan to use the new CULPM1.TG. All of these require a different current

If it had built in charging I wouldn’t be able to achieve the above unless each driver was properly made for it.

I appreciate the input but our needs are a little different, although it would be a nice light.

We go pig hunting a lot at night as that’s when they come out to feed. Currently have a large issue of pigs eating new born lambs. We can’t use dogs in the day time since ewe’s will run away from their lambs.

A lot go deer hunting and there’s possum and rabbit hunting as well

You’d never shoot over a hill or out into an area that you’re unfamiliar with. When I go out I try make sure I’m shooting at an angle where it’ll hit the ground within my line of sight.

I really appreciate it.

If you can get the weight reduced of the L21A then it would be an excellent addition to my hunting range.

The Convoy L21A is already an excellent model for a handheld use

Nice job on the Convoy Z1. I just received my order yesterday and I absolutely love it. I’ll purchase another 10pcs or so with my next order.

One of the problems on L21A is battery tube diameter of 30 mm, battery tube wall is about 4 mm thick, a lot of material there.
On other hand at thinnest part Z1 is about 26mm and it also fits 21700, just like the L21A.

For comparison C8+ battery tube is 25.2mm so I think 26mm is more than adequate for L21A as well.
If we say that 21700 is 22mm thick (with some room for those with thick wrappers) that would make 2 mm wall thicknes.

Btw. weight of the C8 and C8+ battery tube is 30 grams and for L21A is 54 grams.

Thank you, i’ve heard that the rabbit population is out of control, think i saw a tv story where they were out with sticks and clubs to thin out the herd.

The original weight of the L21A is 366g (without batteries). After being lightened, the weight is within 210g (without batteries), and the appearance has become much simpler.

Thanks Simon

That’s much better at 210g, I was expecting more than that. I’d certainly be happy with that for the Osram range

What’s the MOQ to get that made? I’ll send through an email tomorrow since it’s 3:30am here, I better get to sleep. I’ve been out for the last 2 hours taking photos of the M2 with SST40, Z1, C8+ for my website.

I’m ready to produce 1000pcs (first batch) for sale ,
You don’t have to worry about the minimum order quantity,I plan to produce this flashlight for the hunting market for a long time.

Awesome, that’s wonderful.

Reading the first sentence of 1000pcs, I was thinking “well, I can’t afford that!….oh well” haha

I’ll certainly be ordering a good amount when they’re ready.

Thank you :+1:

The weight looks very nice here. But the head diameter concerns me.

One thing I have learned about (white, rifle mounted) “hunting” lights is that I can mount several “stock” (or host modified) lights to give me what I need for the hunt.

For pig hunting in most of my world (several ranches mostly in Texas), most kills are made within 50-150 yards and I need decent flood/spill to track and lead the shots for pig #2 and pig #3 (if I’m lucky) :smiley: Run times aren’t as much of an issue— as other lights (and night vision) are used to get to a field and find the pigs in range- then the WHITE light on the gun comes on and the action begins and ends within minutes. So my Sofirn C8F (old 18650) direct drive lights ROCK for anything within 225 yards or so.

For coyote hunting, sniper style- I’m guessing something like this light will be a LONG thrower and work great for that. But for most critters Funtastic is listing, I’d elect for a smaller over-all light where heat isn’t an issue even if you have to run it for more than a minute or two (as it’s not in the hand). I ALSO feel the Sofirn C8G is going to make a nice longer-range, throw light on my rifle this winter- for coyotes (as Kansas JUST passed a NEW law, finally allowing lights for coyote hunts at night :smiling_imp: Usually we hunt them with full moons on snow where a good scope easily allows longer shots, but now a light like THIS one might be in order for the 300 yd plus shots.

I wonder when someone will start using a FET switch (like Lexel’s- that I use ALWAYS) as standard equipment? The current loss on ALL pressure switches WAS my problem up ’till the last few years. Problem solved after finding Lexel here- how I ended up on BLF actually! :+1:

Hi Zappaman,

Thanks for your input.

I stock quite a range a lights for everything but deer at 400+ meters, this is where Maxtoch beats everything I have, that I can mount, and is why I’m needing something much longer range than the C8 diameter.

I sell the C8+ and L21A with the Osram CSLNM1.TG but the L21A is too heavy and bulky to be mounted.

If you click on my website in my sig you can see that I have everything covered except long range. I get 350-400m of usable lighting out of the Osram C8+ but it’s not enough for what hunters are demanding

One of my customers said for deer 600+ meters is what’s needed and the L21A gets that but can’t be mounted.

This new design would be popular for New Zealand and I’ll be ordering approx 100pcs once they’re ready.