Convoy S2+ mode selection question/problem

I just received my desert tan s2 plus and understand that it has the biscotti firmware but i must of spent an hour or more trying to configure the thing and have about given up. I have read everything I could find and searched high and low for more comments but it seems I am the lone ranger on this. I can get the light to run through its modes but cannot for the life of me get it into configuration mode. I have spent a good bit of time studying the UI and I must be handicapped in this area for I am certainly struggling. I followed the directions numerous times with 10+ taps, or as I have discovered, short presses of the button that change the power or mode, and it just cycles through the modes and has never done anything other than a pause of no light, then 2 blinks pause 2 blinks and return to the first mode which i think is probably 1%. What am I missing?

You have to tap fast until light stops blinking (meaning there will be no light coming out). Then there is a pause about 2 seconds. Then you are in configuration mode.

After making the 10 fast “half press” on the switch (don’t make “full press”), the light blinks:

  • 1 time and makes a fast strobe.
    If you click during this fast strobe, you will enter the configuration to select the mode group you want. Then it will blink from 1 > 2 > 3…> 12 times, and you must click again during the blinks to choose the mode you want to have (you have certainly seen the Convoy diagram, from what you’ve said :slight_smile: )

- 2 times and makes a fast strobe.
If you want to enable or disable memory, you must click during this fast strobe.

Don’t let the blinks pass without doing nothing or the light will not make anything; you’ll have to press (full) to choose want you want to have :wink:

Hope this helps! :THUMBS-UP:
Enjoy your time here 8^)

It took me forever as well.
My problem was getting boofy big fingers to tap correctly the 10 times at the right pressure.
Got there eventually.
Just keep at it.
And breathe…

Ok all, thanks so much for the input. I will give it another go and see what happens. I am trying to get a mode that has the .1% setting as to have a firefly setting and I will keep trying


Sadly, in my experience, the .1% is much brighter than a sub-lumen firefly mode in the 4*7135 version. I am only measuring by eyesight, but please let us know how low yours goes.

well I did get it figured out and chose the #1 mode of all things due to my applications. Yes, no doubt, the .1% mode is what through me in the beginning to believe that I was in the wrong mode. It really is much more light than I anticipated for the lowest mode and I will confess is disappointing to me as well. I go to a camp where there is a need for a very low light that I have on every other light that I might carry but this lowest setting is really a bit of a disappointment. My light is the 4*7135 as well.

I noticed it, too - the 0.1% mode is more of a “very low” than a true moonlight/firefly. Not that I mind, it fits my uses as a navigation light late at night and a bedside lamp for ceiling bounce or a diffuser attached.

Although my experience is, admittedly, with slightly brighter Convoys - one in 4C with six 7135’s, the other in 7A with eight.

After the conversation on this thread, with korpzgrinda “results”, i decided to order another S2+ (the 18350 version). I ordered with the specs I mentioned there , and that I post below:

- SMO reflector (that I may exchange for a pebbled TIR lens)

- XPL-HI U6-4C led

- Biscotti with 3*7135 chips

  • Forward tail switch (well, to avoid the “clicking” noise during the night)

Simon accepted to make this and then adjusted the price to fit the changes made. So, in some weeks I’ll get that Convoy and I’ll be able to tell you the differences between 3 or 4 chips, and if I don’t find it to be satisfying (to get a looooow moonlight) I’ll probably take another chip, turning it into 2*7135.

Meanwhile, waumpuscat, I don’t know if using a frosted or pebbled TIR lens (I’ve been playing with those here: / ) can help you to get less luminosity for those activities you need it. These lenses change the beam pattern for sure (floody), and they will probably reduce the amount of light, so maybe it is a nice option, despite not being a “true” moonlight of firefly.

BTW, I guess that warmer tints will also help you on that, that’s the reason why I ordered the U6-4C this time, instead of U6-3A.

mascar, thanks for all the info. I will be looking for your comments after you receive the light. I may check into changing the reflector or lens and see if that can tame this beast a bit for low power. Really like this light and it is everything that all have said it would be but I sure wish that the low mode was not so much light. Glad I was able to finally get it to go into mode selection before I went crazy :smiley:

Eheh, it sure takes some time, sometimes :wink:
I will try not to forget to give you feedback when it arrives!
BTW, today I put a pebbled TIR lens on one of mine S2+ and it reduced a bit the output, not much, but a bit (and mine has 8*7135 chips)! Maybe in yours, with lower output you can feel even more that reduction!

I have a modded light with only 4*7135 and pebbled lens (with black plastic holder) and it has a nice - but not sub lumen - lower mode.
Maybe on weekend I can take some comparison pictures !

I looked for the different reflectors and was unable to find replacements for this smooth one. Where do you find reflectors and lens so that you can swap them out?

Have you tried Convoy store in AliExpress? The links below are from there!
There are other stores that sell it, but I normally prefer to go to the source directly! Try there :wink:

Isn’t the SMO reflector the smooth reflector and the same one that came on my desert tan light or no? I had seen the SMO but did not see anything that looked like an orange peel or textured reflector that I thought you had to have to flood the light a bit more. I would love to have a reflector that is not super floody or a real tight spot but something a bit more of a flood than what came with this desert tan model. Thanks very much for all of your help, much appreciated

The SMO (Smooth) reflector is the one that comes with the Convoy S2+ Desert Tan light! The Desert tan has the XPL-HI LED, so it produces a more focused beam, not so floody.
The OP (Orange Peel) reflector tends to produce a more floody beam. Using a OP reflector with a XPL-HI LED does not produce a “super floody” beam due to the shape of the LED.
Using the XPL-HI LED with an OP reflector produces a bigger hotspot, also very intense, but not floody as a light using a XML2 LED and OP reflector.

Take a look at this post if you want to have a “comparison” of beams:

Also, if you want a OP reflector, you can contact Simon (Convoy Store in AliExpress) and ask him to send you OP reflector instead of SMO. Then you do the regular purchasing process :wink:
I’ve asked him once to send me a OP and a SMO, instead of 2 SMO reflectors and he agreed! I paid the same amount :wink:

I made some comparisons between SMO and OP reflectors with different emitters. All were done at close range (+/-2cm) over my computer keyborad.
That way you can see better their definition!


  • SMO reflector produces a more defined hotspot at close and distance ranges, both with XPL-HI and XML2. However, at distance, as XPL-HI has no “dome”, it gets more defined and throwy, and as XML2 has a “dome” it will become more floody, but with an intense hotspot

- OP reflector produces a more “blurred” hotspot, not so defined at close and distance ranges, both with XPL-HI and XML2. As XML2 has a “dome” and produces more reflection on the OP, it will be more floody, and the hotspot less defined. The XPL-HI, will still have more definition and longer range because it as no “dome”, but it’s hotspot will be more defined.

Please remember that this not science, it is just amateur experimentation and explanation funded in what the eyes see :stuck_out_tongue:
Some pics:

Convoy S2+ (OP reflector + XML2 U2-1A) > Convoy S2+ Desert Tan (SMO reflector + XPL-HI U6-3A)

Convoy S2+ (OP reflector + XML2 U2-1A) > Convoy S2+ Desert Tan (OP reflector + XPL-HI U6-3A)

Convoy S2+ (OP reflector + XML2 U2-1A) > Stainless Steel FL w/ Convoy reflector and LED (SMO reflector + XML2 U2-1A)

Stainless Steel FL w/ Convoy reflector and LED (SMO reflector + XML2 U2-1A) > Convoy S2+ Desert Tan (OP reflector + XPL-HI U6-3A)

Stainless Steel FL w/ Convoy reflector and LED (SMO reflector + XML2 U2-1A) > Convoy S2+ Desert Tan (SMO reflector + XPL-HI U6-3A)

Hope this helps on your decision about SMO and/or OP :wink:

So, I took 2 photos just to give a look of how bright is the biscotti with 4 chips, against 3 sub-lumen lights. The photos are almost the same, I just tried to focus the second a bit more on the source instead of the beam.
All lights use XML2 drivers (different tints) and all are set on the lowest level (RRT01 is not in the lowest, but that couldn’t be caught on camera :D)

Modded light (biscotti 4*7135) > Modded zoomie (with ReyLight Pineapple driver) > Jetbeam RRT01 > Modded Amutorch S3 (with ReyLight Pineapple driver)

Modded light (biscotti 4*7135) > Modded zoomie (with ReyLight Pineapple driver) > Modded Amutorch S3 (with ReyLight Pineapple driver) > Jetbeam RRT01

Very helpful indeed. Thanks also for letting me know how to place the order. These are some really great lights. Been struggling to communicate with simon and had hoped that would go a little better. Do you know if I order additional lights and request biscotti firmware, what exactly the process would be to know what I am paying before placing the order?

Simon sometimes take longer time to reply. Are you using AliExpress to communicate with him?
If so, I’m sure he will reply soon. If he doesn’t reply in some days, gently send him another message re-asking what you asked before :wink:

About ordering, I do it through AliExpress and pay through AliExpress system (Simon also accepts PayPal but I never payed through that mode). Also, take a look at this thread .

What I normally do is to place the items I want to purchase in the shopping cart to see the prices, without completing the order or paying. Yet!

If you want a “customized” flashlight (implying change of drivers, emitter, rubber tailcap, …) send a message to Simon and ask him if it is possible to do those changes and if it will be necessary to adapt the price.

After he answers you (and if he agrees with the changes), you can place your order without paying.
When you place your order, you will probably have to mention on the Comments to the seller of each item which are the changes you want on that flashlight (driver, emitter, …). After placing the order send him a message again to let him know that you’ve done it.

If he needs to adjust the prices, ask him to send you a message after he does that adjustment, so you can finally pay and he can arrange shippment for your items.

Hope this helps ! :THUMBS-UP:

very helpful, thank you for this and for the flashlight info as well