Convoy S2+ Torture Test

Convoy S2+ torture test with my padded driver, I can’t Destroy it, the anodising is scuffed and the glass lens finally cracked in the corner after a 30-40ft drop onto concrete, it finally shattered on the corner after throwing it full whack into a brick wall but it’s still working! Now to find somewhere higher to see if it will survive…

On the higher drops the light did shake the battery, which made the light flash, but after turned off and back on again it was working again

XML2 U4 1A on copper MCPCB
Qlite 3.04A driver 4 mode
Potted with silicone
AR lens

I dropped/threw the light onto/into concrete/brick walls approximately 40 times



More details on your padded driver please!

This makes you wonder about the pricing of those other so called ‘premium’ lights….And also about the benefits of potting.

I used some RTV red high temperature silicone inside the pill and on the driver, with a thermal silicone cube stuffed in, I’ve got some fujik paste on the way to see how it compares.

It seems to absorb a hell of a lot of shock I’d be surprised if I could fully break it!

I think potting is great in a light your not going to upgrade, i.e it’s a pita to ‘un-pot’ the driver, but if the driver is a cheap one it makes sense to me for the drop/shock proofing

Considering the glass is the only thing that let it down (even though it did take a beating)
I might have to get some 20mm UCLp AR Acrylic lens from to see how they hold up

For a beater light I would not even bother buying premium coated acrylic, just get yourself a piece of perspex from the local DIY-shop, or from your own scrap stash, cut a round piece out of it and it will last a lifetime.

5999 posts Djozz, any giveaways you’re preparing?

Simon did a video about its resistance.

Oh no!, I hoped no one would notice and I could silently go for the 7000. Ok then, it will be a bag of lights, see

For a beater light I use an optic instead of glass/reflector combo.

That is really awesome! ran a torture test on one of his $350 flashlights where they dropped it from 4-12 feet and after 37 drops it finally broke the McClicky switch. Your S2+ has withstood FAR more abuse and never stopped working. Awesome job, James!

Goes to show that you DON'T have to pay $200-$400 for a so called "indestructible" light when less than $30 will get you one that truly is.

An S2+ has one advantage going for it. Low mass. With the same drop a heavier light will almost always take more damage. Still pretty stunning to see what it’s actually gone through and survived. Doomsday preppers take note!

Yep I was actually surprised! I knew it was tough because I’ve dropped it a few times (stock without potted driver) so I wanted to see how tough it was with a potted driver!
I was physically trying to destroy it but the only think I broke was the glass (eventually) I’m going to keep trying but I’m pretty confident it’s going to hold up, definitely a useful light if your going to be throwing it about!

P.S when I was saying I was trying to break it, my final attempt before the glass cracked was an over arm throw at a brick wall, it hit the wall about 3/4 metres up, then landed on concrete, and it wasn’t a weak throw, it was as hard as I could throw it!

It would be awesome if you had video of it all. :smiley:

Where was your control? Did you try it without the driver being potted?

I have a short video of a drop from about 3/4 metres but not the wall throw (I used all my energy to throw the light so couldn’t hold the Camera ;))

I’ll try and get one when I do the next ‘test’

No, this was quite a spur of the moment test, I finished work and had some time to mess about, the control was really just ‘Edc’ing’ the S2+ at work where I’ve dropped it a few times.
I wouldn’t call it an ‘official test’ but it survived being thrown at a brick wall so good enough for me :wink: