Coronavirus **personal experiences** thread

Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapur, Taiwan, Seattle, Chicago, Melbourne, France, Hong Kong

Any more cities apart from Wuhan Hubei province?

I heard Texas on the news tonight. The outbreak couldn’t have happened at a worse time in China. Millions of people are going to be at gatherings because of the Chinese New Year.
While many will take precautions, there will be those that won’t. Don’t be surprised if there’s a explosion of new cases after the holiday.

Confirmed in China Post? Wtf?
Do you realise that viruses cannot survive outside the human body for more than a few minutes??

This whole hysteria is generated by the media for a reason. Just follow the money.
They are fooling you so the rich get richer on your back.
I really thought this community has smarter people than this.

wait….iam interested for this…you mean that people will buy more treatments or vaccines …or? i dont know…just ask:)

not just that, but some stock prices for certain companies become controllable by the rich when you scare the masses like this.
some people will make billions off it

I’d say be cautious but not scared like they want you to be.

:weary: Jaxman lives in Wuhan Hubei province, so….everything is serious than u can imagine, all access to the outside world is cut off from Hubei province.

Maybe it’ll travel in your new flashlights :smiley:

In that case the proper way of conduct is:
1/ don’t lick the light
2/ only exhale if you’re holding a light, don’t inhale

@Raccoon City to the white courtesy phone, please…

The Chinese government is not bulldozing all the roads in and out of Wuhan and sending in the PLA and building emergency hospitals just for fun.


Putting “Coronavirus confirmed in China Post” as your title is just plain wrong. I guess you are just like the media & like to play off people’s fear. Shame on you.

Some of you need to get an update from your handlers. President Xi openly states that the spread of the virus is accelerating and that China faces a “grave situation”.

I just googled the phrase “coronavirus confirmed in China Post”. The ONLY hit on all the internet was @tempo’s post here on BLF. Shame on you.

Its highly unlikely a virus could survive the Chinese shipping times, if it was next day delivery or 48 hour express id be a little concerned

That said those on the front lines of the post & courier services out there will be highly vulnerable and I’d certainly avoid handling bank notes out there!

Maybe someone can make use of this Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces - PMC
Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces

Assessment of the risks posed by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus (SARS-CoV) on surfaces requires data on survival of this virus on environmental surfaces and on how survival is affected by environmental variables, such as air temperature (AT) and relative humidity (RH). The use of surrogate viruses has the potential to overcome the challenges of working with SARS-CoV and to increase the available data on coronavirus survival on surfaces. Two potential surrogates were evaluated in this study; transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) and mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) were used to determine effects of AT and RH on the survival of coronaviruses on stainless steel. At 4°C, infectious virus persisted for as long as 28 days, and the lowest level of inactivation occurred at 20% RH. Inactivation was more rapid at 20°C than at 4°C at all humidity levels; the viruses persisted for 5 to 28 days, and the slowest inactivation occurred at low RH. Both viruses were inactivated more rapidly at 40°C than at 20°C. The relationship between inactivation and RH was not monotonic, and there was greater survival or a greater protective effect at low RH (20) and high RH (80) than at moderate RH (50%). There was also evidence of an interaction between AT and RH. The results show that when high numbers of viruses are deposited,

And then the law of preservation of misery kicks in. The frontline workers will try to go from their unsafe working environment to their safe family environment: taking the virus with them.

If cold germs (that’s a virus right?) can survive living on the moon for a while with extreme cold ,extreme heat ,no water & also being exposed to cosmic rays ,I’m sure they can survive a trip across the sea in a cardboard box!

it is possible for some viruses to survive a few weeks in cold conditions, but for the vast majority its hours to days even in ideal conditions (thankfully)

Mmmmmmmm, not quite. Hantavirus is common in the western US, and can survive for years if not decades in mouse droppings. Go cleaning out a barn or something, inhale mousecrap-dust, and you can pick it up.

I’m not about to don surgical gear every time I use a new flashlight, but I think I’d give any package a once-over to see if anything… “organic”… might be on it.

But hey, that’s why we have UV lights, too.