Creatures Of The Trail

First the list in no particular order. A lot of these I do not have photos of. The ones I do I will post below.

Some of the pictures aren’t the greatest, these are animals I don’t see that much, I will still post them.

THE LIST… hopefully it will grow.

Beaver, mink, weasel, skunk, rabbits, coyotes , groundhogs , opossums, muskrat, rat , raccoons , deer, squirrel, flying squirrel,bats, fox, eagle, Owls, geese,Wid Turkeys, blue heron, frogs. Poor things get squashed a lot on the trail, praying mantis , huge catfish! , salamanders, moles, mice and more when I think of them.

I did not include all the birds that we see there’s just too many of them.

Eastern screech owl


A poor Mink that slither like a snake. I believe it was at the end of his life cycle. I did not have one of my flood lights with me.

I don’t want to lose this information like the first time. I will post more later. I believe I have at least 10 more different animals that I have photos of at night and few in the day.

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Flying squirrel.

They are very elusive this is the only decent picture I’ve got.

Giant catfish the kids were catching. 35 to 40 lb.

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I saw one at night once. Heard a ruffling noise up in a tree. Shine my light up there and simultaneously it flew away. Needless to say no photo of that.

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Very nice man !

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Lots of wildlife out there :wink:
I recently installed a trail camera with IR - Dsoon H8201 Digital Trail Camera - Review - YouTube - in my home (more for home surveillance than animal tracking) and I guess I caught a badger there :open_mouth:

I didn’t even know they could be so close from my place! It activated the camera just for a few seconds so I couldn’t get a completely clear angle at it. I will try to show it meanwhile.

Other then than, we see some kite (or falcon) and black heron.

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Wild Turkeys on Thanksgiving Day November 25th 2021

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Deer… the absolute most common creature.

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Blue Heron. I couldn’t find the third one which was the best one.

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Did you ever see a goose in a tree before? I haven’t until that one summer day.

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Praying mantis.

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I’m kinda afraid of Praying Mantis’s.
I don’t think they would attack a human unprovoked, but they look scary to me, and I try to avoid them.

See also What wildlife did you spot tonight?

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Yes. I made several posts on there in the beginning of the thread starting at number 19. Nice thread.

Cicada killer wasp.

They say the males cannot sting and the females rarely do.

I got stung by those pesky females twice! First time no reaction just a little bump on my arm. Didn’t even hurt that much.

The second time last fall, a big welt , a red rash ,burning and stinging all night. It also hurt.

Photo courtesy of Google search

Great pictures.
Really like the Owl.
Thanks for sharing.

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Rarely do I see an Owl when I hear them making their call. The two sets of pictures of the eastern screech owls are just by me randomly pointing my flashlight in the woods.

In the first two photos that owl was staring directly at my dog. My dog was staring at a rabbit!

Nikkos alertness never cease to amaze me. He is fascinated by the river. Logs, Minks,Geese ect.

The other night there was a jet airplanes ( approx 15K to 20K feet in elevation)reflection going across the river. He stared at its illuminating reflection until it was across the river, on the land where it can no longer be seen.

I was amazed.

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This morning 5:30 a.m.

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Very cool. Do you have bobcats or lynx out there too?

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I never saw a lynx.

Saw a Bobcat once. From what I have read, Bobcats are numerous in Pennsylvania but are rarely seen. I guess that’s why I have only seen one!

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