Cree XP E2 emitter 6200k 1D0 tint R3 bin - 0.40$/pc: MOQ 50pcs

It started in that topic
So, it seems the community is kinda interested in those, so here they are

Cree XP E2 6200k 1D0 tint R3 bin ( emitters only, no PCB)
Will be cut in 10pcs /strip ( for better packaging and handling)

Price: 0.40$/pc( PP tax is icluded) + shipping charge
Quantity: 1k( 25.02.2017)
Shipping info & price: Europe(continental), Russian federation plus Turkey : 4.5$( PP tax is icluded)
It takes usualy 3-10 working days: Italy, some parts of the Russian federation( its huge) and Turkey might have shipping delay

US, Canada and the rest of the world: 6$( PP tax is included)
It takes usualy 10- 20 working days from the shipping date

You can trace your order Here or Here

I`ve been told by the post office here that some countries and places are unavailable atm:
Niger, Sudan, Mianmar, Krim( a.k.a Crimea), Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and some parts of Ukraine too……forgot the rest…

Emitters will be shipped in a bubble padded envelope + a plastic bag/scotch taped in the inside maybe? & BG Priority registered mail- once a week( i am a working man with a family(kids too), have a mersy pls )

Many asked for a shipping without a tracking…you see, i bennefit nothing from this, i do it for the community: for both you and me the registered mail is the most convenient way, the one thing i dont need are Paypal disputes for delayed packages

My PP address: dpetrof at gmail . com

when you PP me pleace add as a note your forum name so i can PM you the tracking numer, aslo post in that topic how many you bought + the Paypal Unique Transaction ID

PP sent for 20 leds, thanks ! :-)

As a first buyer youll recieve extra 5pcs to our order…plus i know you like to overdrive( and burn) them, lets say its a ” community research investment” :wink:

Hi Mitko. How much for shipping to the USA?

Don't know what to say about customs declaration. Any one know the answer to that for the USA?

PP sent, if you can not see the shipping addres from pp please let me know. Thanks.

Aren’t diodes electronics? Nothing out of the ordinary about that. Certainly not banned or a major expense anywhere. Or I sure wouldn’t think so.

Do like the more scrupulous Chinese vendors do and list your actual cost, not what we pay. :wink:

ImA4Wheelr: As long as “explosives” or “drugs” are not written on the label, you should be good.

Be general, not ” Cree XPEBWT-L1-1D0-R3-0-01, quantity 10” but rather “optoelectronic, LED” or something.

PM Sent :slight_smile:

Yeah thats exacly what i ment: some countries, like Israel for instance, can ban an kind of electronic components for security reasons
Some like China, Malaysia and such have SEVERE electronic comonents import taxes- like 100% as far i know
Japan too btw, we have a company here thats a Japan -Bulgaria joint venture, and sometimes when we send goods in Janap the import taxes are OMG ones

My main consern is for the ppl not to waste a whole day dealing with costums or paying taxes for a hobby like flashlights or int/outdoor lighting fun projects

Jay! :-)

I am in for 20.

Wait, what? :slight_smile: I never have to pay a single cent tax for electronic components I ordered.

I don’t know about that severe tax, maybe on the more critical stuff like pharmaceutical (those are expensive here) but most consumer electronics are pretty much tax-exempted here.

I think I get it now. If I read correctly, $5.00 is shipping to the USA. If that is the case, I'll take 20. So I would need to get $16.60 to you net of PP fees, right?

Does anyone know where we might be able to find some large multi-emitter mcpcbs for the Cree XP series?

Something like these might be useful if the price were right:

Both shipping fee and emitter price are with the PP fee INCLUDED, so in your case you have to send me $16.60

Like this ones?

They are copper too

I had 12 of those made localy for the garden, and i am goind to make more for several old retro lamps made from forged

PP for $ 16.60 sent. ID # in PM

Nice find but they didnt mention DTP.

It looks like is manufacturing high guilty mcpcb’s with direct thermal in both copper and aluminum.

Here’s an interesting copper DTP 40mm that will mount 12 emitters.

For 10 emitters.

PP sent of 20 emitters. PM sent. Thank you Mitko.