Cree XP-G3, testing a R3 4000K 90+CRI emitter

Today I finally received the long-waited-for 90+CRI Cree XP-G3 emitters that i ordered from Cutter back in May. Cutter was fast to list them while Cree probably did not even have them in production yet. I received 5000K and 4000K 90+CRI emitters. I tested a 4000K one because I can compare it with 4000K 90+ CRI emitters from Nichia and Osram that i tested before. The Cree partnr. is XPGDWT-U1-0000-00FE5, according to Cutter.

I noticed that the phosfor is rough, rougher even than the S5 70CRI version, and part of the phosfor even seems to block some of the light coming out of the die. Here's a stereo picture, taken from an angle, current at 0.5mA, that shows all that:

The test was done like all my more recent emitter tests. I described it in detail in my XP-L test. , with two minor differences that should not matter significantly for the results: I used my Integrating sphere no. II instead of no. I, and for the current I used a clamp meter, which appears to measure 0.1A lower than the power supply current-reading that I used before.

In summary: 1) just one led was tested, reflowed on a DTP copper board (XP-Noctigon 16mm) 2) I used my large version II integrating sphere with high quality luxmeter, 3) the output numbers and voltages were measured with the led close to 'steady state' for each current, so warmed up and settled, you should be able to get these numbers in a well heatsinked flashlight. Mind that these are output numbers of the bare led, in a flashlight there will be losses from light obstructions, lens and optic, 4) output is in 'djozz-lumen' defined as 1/550 of the output of my Sunwayman D40A on high setting, which I hope is close to the real lumen, but at least is consistent over all my emitter tests done in integrating spheres.

Here is the result of the test, I plotted the results together with the results of two earlier tests of 4000K 90+CRI leds, the latest 219B V1 from Nichia (which is not that new anymore but the newer 219C never came in 90+ CRI), and the gen.2 Osram Oslon Square (there's a gen.3 Square already but not in 90+CRI yet):

Well, if the tint and beam profile of this led is any good it will be the led of choice, this output is outstanding for a 90CRI led !

Here's another chart, comparing the led with the 5000K 83CRI Nichia 219C, and the highest bin 70 CRI XP-G3:

So although the voltage of this particular led is slightly higher (0.15V at 4A), the output even matches the lower CRI Nichia 219C, which is considered a great performer.

What I find personally interesting is that with increasing current, the output of the 90+CRI version of the XP-G3 is not a fixed percentage of the 70CRI XP-G3, but it lags behind a bit. This can be because this particular emitter coincidentally has a bit higher thermal resistance, but it could also be caused by a physical behaviour of the different type of phosfor layer.

I have build this led into a Convoy S8 host (smooth reflector, plain glass lens) to get a feeling for tint and beam.

  • On a NCR18650PF and BLF-A6 driver, the light puts out OTF just over 1000 lumen at start-up, 925 lumen after 30 seconds, current just under 5A. That is pretty good for a single emitter 90+ CRI light.
  • I'm a bit less enthousiastic about tint and beam. (I will describe this in words because when tints are the subject, I have found that photo's do not reproduce what you see in reality, it is even worse with high CRI light). The tint is not as rosy as we came to like about the Nichia 4500K 92 CRI 219A and even the 4000K 92 CRI 219B V1. It is more to the yellow side, close to but without the greenish hint that the Oslon Square 4000K 92 CRI has. The beam has the same artifact as the 70CRI XP-G2 (and the Luxeon Q): a yellowish spill with a spot that looks more blue-ish.
  • But before you all condemn this emitter for that: this is all about white-wall-hunting, in actual use shining at things in and outside the house, the beam is pleasant and I find the colour reproduction very good, and wood tints are reproduced very naturally. I like the led well enough to use it in my next triple build :-)

edit the next day: this led seems to give a much better beam behind an aspheric lens, see post #17

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Very nice, thanks

Your testing is beyond awesome, as always. Now I must refrain from looking for a use for those…

Wow, great job once again! I supposed VOB should be getting these soon. I think it was these that were holding up his Cutter order. I didn't order any because of them not in stock, but I really want to get my hands on a bunch now.

Good info, even a stereo pic!

Thanks djozz.

Hope your XM-L3 testing coming soon :wink:

Now I really can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Nice going Djozz. If you end up putting that 5000k in a light, let us know what you think yes?

I hope these are in-stock in MTN soon. Shipping from Cutter is pricey! :weary:

I have 3 of these on order from the VOB group buy. I plan on building up a triple, possibly a headlight. The output numbers look great. I am disappointed about your description of the tint though. I do love that rosy tint in the early nichias. I wish cree would come out with a hi output Hi CRI “rosy edition”.

I ordered the 5 Bin Tint, R3 Flux. I’m not sure if they are 4000K or 5000K. The 5000K will likely be less yellow and more ideal.

Thanks for posting your findings.

Thanks for another great test Djozz :beer: .

Wow nice! Thanks!

Thanks mate for the testing.

I have used 4 XPG3 all of them have been drawing around 7 amps. The coating is weird i DE-domed one and left the coating on it looks nice but when the coating is gone the LED is ruined lol

Thanks, that stereo pic looks so nice!

I modded a small aspheric lens zoomie with this led today, and the tint came out completely different, almost as nice as the original Nichia 219A 92CRI ! Is it the different optic or is there an enormous tint variation among these leds?

For a description of the mod, see the ‘what did you mod today’ thread:

Let me be another to add my thanks. I really had high hopes for these emitters and despite mixed emotions from some I remain hopeful. Excellent work! :+1:

Thank you for great review.

Wow! Great stuff! I need to check these out!