Cree XP-L, XM-L performance in an XP size package

200 lpw, 1079lm @ 10 watts 85C. Impresses me.

Woah, that’s extremely impressive. I hope it can be driven hard like the XM-L line! Seems that it’s rated for over 1000lm @ 10W, that’s what I like to hear!

Looks like a game changer! Especially for throwers.

When can I buy it? :)

Some observations:

-Its got slightly lower CRI than XP-G2 in CW. (65-CRI like XM-L2`s. Not 70 like XP-G2`s.)

-Same viewing angle as XM-L2. (125 degree. Not 115 like XP-G2.)

-Vf seems to be a tiny bit higher than both XM-L2 and XP-G2. (It might have lower VF compared to XP-G2 when both are at 3A though)

OK, I need some on Noctigons, NOW

wow can’t wait to try those, my guess ledil iris 4* for xpg should work with those too

omg :slight_smile:

The dome looks frosted

"Drop-in upgrade" for XP-G's -- nice! Dang, upgrade to my Noctigon triple in a S2? Sweet!

haha YES sweet!! :slight_smile:

anyone have measurements of the die? it looks bigger than the xp-g

edit: misinterpreted diagrams…

Same die size as xm-l2->no throw improvement.

X?-L …. maybe 2000 lumen+ we will see :wink:

Nope,all datasheet numbers say it's xm-l2,just in trimmed package.

Yeah it says the foot print is 3.45 x 3.45

10 watts in a XP die size? Better use Copper stars and then some. So, XM-L will be 20 watts? But maybe by them they will figure out how to hold the CRI. I wish Nichia would step up and make a larger die 90 CRI led.

Gree will have to call it something else. What's the next letter in line? XR-S or XR-T? Time for the Chinese flashlight manufacturers to step up and make some better heat sinking in ALL their lights.

Based on my calculations I see XM-L2 as having a 3mm by 3mm die, XP-L a 2.7mm by 2.7mm die and XP-G2 at 2mm by 2mm. I resized photos of each LED to they real size and measured the die by referencing the overall size of the LED.

I am talking about the die, not the footprint which the XP-L share the same with the rest of the XP family.

EDIT: I do not think one can rely 100% on the photos as the dome distorts the size of the die in comparison with the overall dimension of the footprint.




Do you not truest Cree to tell you the truth? They give the sizes in the linked data.

XML - 5 x 5
XPG and the XPL - 3.45 x 3.45

Time for cells to increase capacity for high current loads.

Ejected Filament I do not think you understand what I am talking about.

Oh Ya, that's wut I'm talk'n bout - I don't care bout the dye, but the mounting is the important part. Triple Noctigons!! Well.. maybe the dye does make a difference with focusing, beam patterns, de-dome effects, etc...