CRX Bolt Action Triple

Something a little different for you today, a bolt action operated triple output flashlight incorporating white, red and 365nm UV emitters.

CRX Bolt Action Luxeon V2, XP-E2 Red, Seoul Viosys 365nm UV - KD I3N - 18350 - Bolt Acion Sw - 420lm.Hand made.
Brass construction.

Lumileds Luxeon V2-5070
Cree XP-E2 R2 N4 620nm Red
Seoul Viosys 365nm UV Z5
20mm triple Noctigon MCPCB
8mm thick aluminium heatsink
22mm x 1.5mm ARC glass
Dual TIR/ Reflector optics
Diffuser film
KD I3N 3 channel 2 mode driver (Max 1500mA)
6mm x 1.5mm green tritium vial
17mm glass tail
Bayonet sprung body lock
Felt lined battery tube
Momentary on switch
Bolt action locking tail switch

Max - 420lm OTF (White)
Length – 95mm
Width – 25mm
Weight – 176g (with 18350 cell)


I drilled out & replaced one of the TIR wells with a small reflector filed down to size as the plastic does not allow UV light to pass through, also a disc of diffusion film was added.

Sprung bayonet head to body locking system. Glass covered tritium vial.

KD I3N three channel two mode driver, simple operation:
LED 1 On (High) > LED 1 On (Low) >
LED 2 On (High) > LED 2 On (Low) >
LED 3 On (High) > LED 3 On ( Low)

The light works by the side bolt in the tail, momentary On and a locked On position is available by pressing the bolt down and across in the channel. It has a very smooth natural feel to it operating by thumb :THUMBS-UP:

Nice optic mod!

Nice light overall too but know what that optic took. What’s the reflector out of?

Thanks. I filed down one of these.
Yeah it took a while to do…

I’ll send you some brass tubes :laughing:

Very nice as usual. Just when I think I have seen your best work, you just keep out doing yourself. Well done sir.


This is a really nice build, I like the different emitters and the materials used.

You’re definitely the chief. Your injunuity knows no bounds… :slight_smile:

Love that bolt action switch, great work.

You went all out again on this one, very nice flashlight!

Cool brass :beer:

Certainly something different! Extremely cool! Right up there with the pucks :slight_smile:

Yeah I wanted to make a multi output light and I already had the brass so… :slight_smile:


Thanks. Took some work to get a working version but it’s great for firing through the six modes :slight_smile:


I have no idea how you manage to build things so intricate and flawless. Love it. :heart_eyes:

so when do I have this in my mail box?

:wink: :+1:

I’d like to see that implemented as a physical lockout, like a safety on a firearm.

Interesting idea.

Amazing! You are the king! From the “Knucklehead”. :smiley: