D4 Titanium!!!

eye candy! And pricey. https://intl-outdoor.com/emisar-d4ti-high-power-flashlight-p-927.html

Hope they get a discount code, how about a Ti version of the D1?

Dont think titanium fits this flashlight, sorry.

the D1 is probably next up for Ti. The D4 is $80 for raw Ti with 18650 tube and Nichia. Everything else adds $. Who wouldn’t want a gaggle these beauties?

:wink: Just not my kind of Titanium cup of light :stuck_out_tongue:

Group buy maybe?
98$ for 4k version not anodized is lot of money

I like it, but i’m still not convinced enough to buy one due to the price

I’m waiting for the D7! lets see how it come out.

D4 with copper head and black 18650 body would be nice
titanium makes no sense as its not good for high power lights
aluminum can get at least some of the heat away from the copper head

Is it me or titanium just doesn’t make sense in this configuration? Physically and performance wise!
Apart from arguable fancy appearance of colour choices (I don’t think any of this colours matches copper. Maybe with forced patina? CRX will understand me, probably :HAT: )
Intead of titanium I would love to see aluminium tube, tailcap and bezel with copper “engine” for a bit more price over standard D4 or for 80-90$ offering full copper. That would be step forward.
Titanium is heavier than aluminium, it has poor thermal conductivity compared to copper and ridiculously high electrical resistance compared to copper, aluminium and their alloys which leads to lower amps which might be desirable considering thermal downgrade of body but who wants to compensate all this for a double price of standard model is boggling my mind.
Maybe I am just too harsh or plain stupid?

appreciate the knowledgeable posts regarding Titanium……

I personally want one, I want the natural titanium one. But the cost is out of my range.
I don’t mind losing a couple hundred lumens to have the titanium. But the increase in cost is just to substantial…
I can buy an armytek or other larger name brand that is built to swim with and handle the recoil on a .12 gauge for this price.

this could be what the S42/E14 II promised….

butt the Ti puts it out of budget range (that’s 2 Q8’s) and performance suffers against al/cu

I’m in for copper or aluminum body w/copper head

(weight is relative to satisfaction)

The copper and titanium version isn’t for performance … it’s for BLING! 8^)

For flashlight use, aluminum is by far the best material. The aluminum version of the D4 is half the weight of the copper-titanium version. And think about how the copper head on the new D4 will work? … it will get burning hot within seconds, including the critical area right around the button. It will probably be necessary to set the temp stepdown to a lower temp in this version than with the aluminum version.

So why do people like copper and titanium so much? one word: BLING. It looks cool and a bit unique even though it’s much less practical.

Love the look! all my lights are black with a few SS ones. this is a welcome change… very nice.

The titanium is not the best conductor of heat so on a hot build with that driver the guts can get very hot very quickly :FACEPALM:

Aluminum is way worse than Copper, the “numbers” suggest.
Yet, DTP Aluminum vs DTP Copper barely any difference in real life tests :FACEPALM:

I would like to see a test with a D4 vs D4Ti in 18350 and the same LED type, with both flashlights configured thermally at the same level before the test (as there seems to be great significance in how the MCUs read the temperature by default), that shows the D4Ti is significantly worse than aluminum, to the same magnitude of difference as the “numbers” suggest.

Some of us are trying to apply logic and reason, to a light that is purely an emotional buy.

there is no practical reason for a light that can get so hot it burns your hand, but people flock to buy multiple D4 lights

there is no practical reason for a light that is capable of thousands of lumens, but cannot maintain more than 500 for any amount of time, but people flock to buy multiple D4 lights

there is no practical reason for a light with a ramping interface that has no discrete, repeatable, lumen levels… but… D4 buyers flock like lemmings to the sea

there is no practical reason for a light that can drain an 18650 in 10 minutes, but that has not stopped the D4 from being purchased in higher numbers than any other light on BLF

the benefit of a Titanium body is that it insulates the hand from excess heat, except that using the switch to turn it off will lead to some heat shock from touching the copper head

then there is the PWM above 150 lumens, but who cares, regulation is overrated

Buy the D4 not because it makes sense, buy it because everybody knows it is the Hot Ticket :slight_smile:

Absolutely agreed.

If there were no black aluminum version many of us would be asking for one.

Stated perfectly. I bought these for that pretty little hot rod they are. Copper head improved performance, but really how much being so small. These lights I got for it’s Lego ability, bling and being the latest in geek art. Now if they sold as a la carte I’d be even poorer.