DEAL ENDED - DX XM-LT6 900-Lumen 5-Mode White LED Flashlight - Titanium Color (2x18650) - $29.99 (Normally $41.30)

Model: D1-8
Color: Titanium Color
Emitter BIN: T6
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: Powered by 2 x 18650 battery (not included)
Voltage: 8.4V
Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
Switch Location: Tail-cap
Modes: 5
Mode Memory: No
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > Fast Strobe > Slow Strobe
Color Temperature: 8000K
Brightness: 900 Lumens
Runtime: 1.5 Hours for High Light, 4 Hours for Low Light
Reflector: Aluminum
Lighting Range: 800 meters
Water Resistant: Yes

ok, i ordered - geez, this week i've spent what i thought would take me 3 months to spend - i need to stay off the web

Some one bought one from DX, I'm waiting for the review.

does anybody own this? i don't normally buy on a whim...i might jump on a good offer but only because I've already decided I'd own one. Not the case with this light. i'm wondering if I should cancel...

8000k sounds too cool for my taste, but I do like the looks of the head. tried searching the model # here w/ 0 results...

Found the thread

Looks like a super-beefy host to convert to 5x XM-L.

Anyone had hands-on this torch yet? The finish is the deal-maker/-breaker for me.

I'd prefer matte black, but not shiny black - for $30, don't care. I think i'll let it ride...

if there's enough contact to actually benefit from the fins, this could be turned into a monster

800 meter? What do you think?

my HID headlights on my car are 8000K....they are pretty blue lol, don't think i'd want it in a flashlight

Awesome looking light though

Maybe specs are wrong, look at this picture, for me it doesn't look like 8000K:

Earlier, when reading the JohnnyMac's thread, I already decided that I won't buy this... (because I already have "too many" 2x18650 lights: Shadow TC6, Palight T6, FF STL-V6, 3 x 3xXM-Ls, 2 x TF F5).

...but now I had to buy it. Sounds like a really good light for this price. Let's see.

Thanks for the heads up!

i doubt it'll hit 800 meters w/o an aspheric - but mine might just end up w/ one

if I hate the tint I'll swap in something else and use original for some destructive testing


if this is the same body/pill then I'm going to be VERY happy

if the driver is inadequate, here's one alternative (w/ disco, but memory, too)

yeah, its not pretty, but it has a functional look

i don't think the reflector is different enough from similar offerings to make a big difference.

the CPF thread is modded from sst-50 version so it was pulling ~5A. I highly doubt this has the same driver, but if it is built the same, then maybe those fins will actually do something...

If it is a good body and will accept the wide sst-50 driver i'll use it for convenience - if it won't fit the pill I'll probably look to use two 3 mode ( l m h ) drivers in parallel.

I'm not the guy to ask on batteries but would guess any 18650 will do 2.5A.

My 18650 collection is pretty ghetto - all recovered from old laptop batteries. They're pretty tired, and unprotected. You might as well try the TF protected before buying something else though.

Here are the two lenses I know of that are close

Their lip is probably thicker than stock lens and the OD probably won't be perfect either.

To me, the ideal situation would be if the focal length was long enough to be slighly beyond the original lens so that I could mount the aspheric in something, like a piece of PVC, that I can slip onto the head and only use it when I want to - like a color filter would be used.

I wouldn't buy a driver until we see whats in it - but if you really wanted to be set ahead of time I'd go w/ 2 smaller diameter drivers in parallel instead of that sst-50 one i linked, that way you won't end up w/ something that won't fit...

would be great if what comes in it could just have some more chips stacked on for higher amperage...


And also I bought one of those drivers, I'm 90% sure that I can mod the output current of this driver

In case it is 5A as the title says (I really doubt it), i will mod it down to 4.2A.

If it comes at 4.0A I will not mod it, but if it is under 4.0A I'll mod it to 4.2A :P

Also, I currently have a spare XM-L U2 1A (my fav. tint!), so if it is too blueish... it will be an U2 1A @ 4.2A :D

judging from pictures alone, I think it will fit (the driver). but, i'm willing to wait. I'll have fun getting the new light, then i'll order the driver and a month later be thrilled with the light again :)

it seems the DX sst-90 and sst-50 drivers have some reviews that say the max current is less than stated, but maybe w/ the xm-l it will be higher than w/ sst

viffer750 claims the focal on the 66mm lens is 42mm - my guess is that is very close to stock lens. There's a thread on CPF where it was used in a DX showerhead light - i think - might have been the 59mm - search deft jr

i'm going to order both right now

That’s true, I have two DX’s SST-90 driver, and both came at 5.0A and 5.2A instead of 6500mA stated by DX; but with a little modding, you can get up to 11A (but never more than 28~29 Watts). On my TrustFire X6 with this driver I set it to 7.2A because this driver can’t handle more power output :frowning:

One more month and I'll see if this SST-50 driver fits this flashlight :)

sounds like we've got this covered!

***painful pause for china post***!-A-DEFT-Clone-Exp.

Why do you guys have to put stuff up like this? This is a great buy and if I do it I will be in big trouble.

Already have a custom C-88 reserved with E1320 and a Sky Ray 818 on the way from Lightmalls but I have a weakness for all things titanium and $30 for this light is awesome . . .