Deep C8s on eBay

Stuff like this has been popping up on ebay…

Long Throw C8s? None I’ve bought have been this long.

What do we think of these?

Looks kinda similar to the zoom C8’s (cant remember the name)

here very recently. Pretty darn decent thrower and just can’t beat the price for the quality. It’s not an A60 throw nor does it have quite that deep a reflector but it’s not that far off either considering its dimensions in ratio. Well built btw. Aluminum reflector (SMO), glass lens. Nice lasering hot spot. Hate the 5 mode BS though. Driver swap in future. Good shootin’ light. Fits 1” rings. But I digress.\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

Your light looks like it’ll really smack it out there with that very deep reflector. Kinda like another A60 in depth but with that OP hybrid surface you get more spill and with an XML, who knows what it really pumps out? Prolly the real deal. Of course the A60 is still the standard IMO. It also has a 50mm diameter reflector compared to your’s which if a true C8-style comes in at about 40mm. Right there the A60 could likely still out do it. But that unique deep reflector with an XML & amps, now that has me wondering.

Interesting for sure. We’ll see this in upmarket C8 variants soon (e.g. XinTD and Romisen).

I like deeper reflectors. Even though deeper won’t necessarily boost throw, the amount of light in hotspot and corona increases—so more light gets collimated by the deeper reflector (illustrated by Mag Rebel and Mag incandescent reflectors). Please correct me if that’s overly-general 0:)

Lightmalls sell a C8 version with deep reflector link
The C8 in the first post, seems to have a plastic reflector, lightmalls version has aluminium.

Manafont has it, too (Price $13,91).

A friend has it. It pulls 2,65A on high. The reflector is as deep as my Unqiuefire 2190.
I can test it tonight (2190, Deep C8 and XinTD C8), but haven’t a camera (my brother has it for his holidays).

I got one too, got it here for use on a Mini Bike.\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

I do not believe it is real Ultrafire as the little logo above the word Ultrafire looks different and the cuts in the battery tube for the logo is not flattened out. There are shallow cuts, but the tube does not get flat if that makes sense.
However that being said, it throws well and is plenty bright. Pulls 2.75 amps on a full battery.
Does not have as much spill a my Uniquefire UF-V3 but throws as far.
Reflector appears to be plastic and has orange peel for the lower third of the cone. Has GITD gasket in head.
Easy way to spot these things is the tailcap comes all the way to the edge with no visable shoulder on cap.
The tail cap was only screwing on about 1 1/2 threads when I got it, didn’t feel secure so I switched the battery tube around and was able to screw it into the head 2 1/2 turns and then on the other end the tail cap screwed on almost 2 3/4 so now it seems like it will work OK.

Just noticed mine says U2 on side, these others just say T6.
Nice light for the money, may order another from Manafont in the future.

AU $7.35! :open_mouth: Cheap as chips.

That one has a Q5 emitter, that’s why it is so cheap.

Do you know how good it throws compared to XML version, seems like people know XML tailcap readings, but what about this?

The Q5 probably throws better due to a smaller die size.

I’m back. The flashlight is the T6 version and pulls 2,65A (4,10V Samsung 18650). It has a GITD O-Ring under the lense and a GITD rubber cap (17mm, bigger as the normal Ultrafire/Trustfire caps - maybe the 16mm Solarforce fits.

One third OP refelctor, the rest SMO. It has nice beam, but the range of the Uniquefire UF 2190 (XM-L T6, Nanjg 2,8A driver, 4,10V Samsung 18650) and XinTD C8 (XM-L U2, Nanjg 2,8A driver, 4,10V Samsung 18650) was a bit better.
But this two flashlight cost about $30 each.

sanely driven and that’s why it’ll prolly last. Except for the 5 stupid memory modes, excellent on shootin’ stuff. IMO, one of the very best bang for the torch bucks on e-Bay or anywhere bar none, if not the best. I doubt there’s another light on there that equals it dollar for dollar.

When you think about what a typical Sippy 68 clone goes for this is only about $2 more. Insanely good deal. The aluminum reflector alone would cost you near to that plus coupled with a nicely finished glass lens, solidly made pill, and tail switch - forget about it. Drop the $7 and thank me later. I bought 15 of them. Like I’ve said, when I really like something (and it has to be da**good quality for the buck) I buy it in bulk. When I say I buy something in bulk you should at least buy one of it.

You're starting to remind me of Foy, I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing...


If you don't mind me asking what exactly do you need 15 A60 or 15 C8s for?

and some to keep ready for potential future bartering. When I go through each of these lights, they’re cleaned-up and Lumatic-certified head to toe and ready for business. If I give one to a friend, good neighbor, I know I’ve given them something clean & tight that could come in very handy someday. So it’s not a need but a friendly vision.

Hmm, any idea how it compares to the famous 11.5$ thrower:


It still seems cheap to me. It’s SK68 money. I’ve ordered a couple to try out.

This is what I bought, the cheapest C8 what I found: