Dings and dents.

Just got a shipment of Pan NCR18560PF and found 8 of 10 cells were dinged and dented.

Has anyone had a shipment get messed up like this before? (Banggood)
Also, how bad a dent can a cell have before it’s a write off?

(want pics?)


Yes, please upload pictures so that we can judge…
If the metal is not bent but the plastic cover is damaged, just remove the plastic and place a new one.

Any dent really should be rejected. Simple damaged wrappers can be replaced. Dents will compromise safety.

Goshwin, compromise safety as in cause an internal short that can result in fire (toxic fumes) or explosion. Take pics of dents and ask for a refund.

I need a better camera to catch these dings but here are a couple for starters.

They all have various dents like these ones. They look like they went through a cement mixer.


Were they packed loosely in the shipping package?

Hope they don't turn out like this! When in doubt, ammo can out!

try “cosy magnifier” from android store as a camera on your smartphone…
(free version is enough!)

Banggood needs to refund you for that. Li-ions need to be packaged in cases. This is why we have issues shippping li-ion.

Yeah and they were wrapped in one layer of thin foam.

9 out of 10 cells are covered in little dents like this.

Every circle is a dent (not always easy to see on camera)

Tell banggood to refund you or you’ll have to do a paypal dispute.
I’d say dented li-ions are hazardous and worthless to me (which they are). Packaging offered no protection and was against postal regulations.

They do know better then to ship li-ions like that, they just don’t care.

wow I hope they make it right for you

Those have to go back, why are we even asking?

They can’t safely go back, damaged and potentally hazardous now. I’m sure the canadan post office would reject them if you asked.

Sure, I really meant that they need to be replaced, the photos are the proof.

I’m really shocked at their condition.

I, too, had an order received past week with 2 18650 scratched and dented like yours… they offered to send me another two, I asked to wrap between cells, not only on outside, we will see.

C’mon guys give banggood a chance. I found that if you’re patient banggood would do their best to remedy any situation. I would normally take very extensive unboxing pictures, or even better take a video. That way it cuts down the hassle of later trying to find proof of the problems. From my experience banggood usually ships their cells wrapped in foam so unless they slipped out during transit there shouldn’t be dents. OP: were these still in their packaging when you received?

EDIT: oops I saw your post, what a bummer just a thin layer of foam. I hope you took a photo of that, once you have incontrovertible proof they’ll either re-send or refund (just take the refund).

Yeah, wrapped in foams outside, but between cells there is only the thin plastic film of the bag where they put the cell in… during shipping, when they throw the package like garbage, the cells are free to bump on each other in the same foam wrap…

They are shocking.
I just got 2 protected 18650 from Banggood, tightly wrapped in multiple layers of thin foam.
No dings.
Maybe ordering 2 at a time means they’re better packed.