DIY Driver AMC7135(PWM) and DMG6968U(Direct Drive)

See this thread for the history of this driver.


Note: The resistor and zener on the left are for 2× 18650. Have not tested it yet. Do not populate/install.

Parts List

PCB Layout

Programming Cable to the Driver

Build Documentation in PDF: TiVo532-092A_LED_Driver_2.2.pdf
Build Documentation in Word file with links to parts: Tivo532_092A_LED_Driver_2.2.docx
Complete Documentation :

Unzip the zip file and run the exe. The default installation is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ZiLOG\ZDSII_Z8Encore!_5.2.0\Projects\TiVo532-092A_LED_Driver_2.2

Just sharing. Cheers!



How do the resistances of the FET’s compare to the ones used in the original East-092 ones?
Edit: Could you double check the Amazon links please? The PDF link is directing me to a zipped exe?

You can always search for the parts on ebay or elsewhere, just search for the same specification of the part. The links especially on ebay do go dead.

And yes the links in the OP are confusing.
Make a ZIP file with the pdf, gerbers/eagle, schema/layout, source code.

No need to make exe files, is it the Zilog studio? Anybody can download the latest from Zilog.

It’s ~23mOhms. Not sure about in the original East-092A on the same condition. I think East-092A is using different FETs. I think it small enough compare to the contact wires, springs, switch and battery resistances.

I’ve corrected the link for the PDF file. Cheers! :beer:

Yes JackCY. You can also source the parts from Digikey, Mouser and elsewhere for price and delivery leadtime. The PDF file link is now OK.

The ZIP file contains all the info you need to build, modify the code and program the driver.

Cheers! :beer:

The .bat file needs to be modified IMHO if one installs the software/Zilog to a custom path.

Lets say I want to order the boards, which I don’t but, lets say, I still don’t see the files with PCB design that I could submit to OSHpark, seed, itead, …

I know there is a link floating in the previous thread to OSHpark if I’m not wrong. But can’t find it here and in the docs the link is hidden in the docx file, it did not get exported to the PDF.

I don’t mean to complain, just trying to help make it better so anyone can truly pick it up and go.

Here is the OSHpark board.

And here is a ZIP file with the PCB design included, 5.2.0 version of the IDE and a PDF file that has working links.

You can always get the latest IDE from Zilog. I guess 5.2.0 works too.

TiVo, you can check it, there is no need to put it into an installation package. You just copy the project to where ever you Zilog projects are. I don’t even keep projects where the IDE is.

Hi JackCY! Thanks for your inputs.

1. Yes, one need to modify the .bat file if he install the software in another path. I recommend the default directory. One can make another copy in another directory.

2. The .docx file has the link to the OSHPark. On section A. Bill of Materials do a CTRL+Click on PCB-TiVo532-092A to follow the link. When in OSHPark, you can place an order. You do not need to submit anything. Just place an order.
Here’s a direct link: PCB-Tivo532-092A

3. I made it easier so that it’s a complete package. No need to go to the Zilog website unless you like to get the latest copy of the ZDS. Option B from the documentation shows where to download.

4. I’ll update the OP, so that’s clearer per you inputs! Cheers! :beer:

Hi Tivo would u happen to have a close up of the back of this driver without the spring ? but with the components solder on

Hi Nitro

Updated pic below:

Here’s another guide:

D2 and R1 are not populated.

Cheers! :beer:

Thanks for the pics, my fine soldering tip should be here soon to try another :)

Hi Nitro!, I’m using this Weller tweezer and it makes soldering/desoldering surface mount devices so much easier. The model number is “WMRT” from Weller.

Cheers! :beer:

Nice tip or should I say tips. I need to get one of those.

i see some tips on ebay but it does not come with a cord ? is that something i need to buy extra ??

Hi Nitro,

The Weller WMRT is an accessory to the Weller Soldering station WD1M or WD2M.

Too pricey for me! I’m using the one from our work lab. I wish I have one. :slight_smile:
Soldering station with fine tips should work.
When soldering small parts, using soldering flux is a big help. Cheers! :beer:

Nitro: Reflow one side, then hot air the other. I don’t have hot air but it would be useful for these things.

i dont have the hot air gun yet either :( but on my list to get, what im thinking of is doing a batch of 5 in a mini oven ? ill do the hard side with the tiny parts and i can reflow the other by hand because its not so hard ill post my results later

and thanks tivo for the pic

Hey nitro. HF sells a heat gun that is often on sale for under $10. I've been using mine for a couple years both on flashlight stuff and on car body work (Rolling fendors, etc). Mine is beat all to heck and still kicking.

might be better than the ebay brand :)

I can't seem to find an exact match for the diode listed for the 2S cell arrangement. Does anyone know if this one will work?