Does the ring tone of vapcell S4 + need to be cancelled?

….ummmmm hmmm let me see…
This charger has many problems like taking well north of 4 hrs to charge a 3360mah 18650 at 1A and your asking about a ringtone? :person_facepalming:

Can you guys at least fix the major flaws.

I just wanna know who keeps on calling my damned charger so late at night…

I also noticed the S4+ seems to be load much slower than it should be. Take a look at the statistics and you will see 1h at 1A is maybe 0,8 - 0,85Ah. Same for lower charge currents, it´s always noticeable slower than I would expect for the selected currents.

Friends, thank you very much for your questions and suggestions. Now the S4 has launched a new version. Looking forward to your experience again! ! :smiley:

What is different about the new version? Can you share a link? Thanks

Is the new version easily to recognize? Some shops maybe not make it easy because the description is not very detailed.

Is it also available in Germany?

This is completely normal, it takes longer than capacity/current because the current decreases during the CV phase at the end.

I would also like some information on the new updated version

AFAIK the S4+ use an other process for NiMH but …

My Opus-chargers decrease the current at the end of charging but the charging time is despite still lower than the S4 at same current selection

The display shows a small fluctation of the selected current, if 1000mA is selected I saw 980-1010mA so the average should be nearly 1000mA, but in real it´s much lower.

Not that bad for me because it seems the 1000mA-selection is nearly to my requested 750mA-selection but other users maybe don´t like it because the it needs a lot more time with high capacity cells.

Your English is way better than my anything-else. Respect!

Here are link:

Friends, the new version is currently available for sale on the official website. Link:

Friends, more details can be found by clicking the link.

Friends, thank you for your liking.
Here is the link to the new version of S4:

How to recognize the new S4+ if I want to buy it on other shops?

I got one from Amazon like 3 weeks ago. Is that the new version? The display turns off automatically, and the charge finish China is pleasant. It chimes 3 times when plugging it in also. Ran soome NiMH and it works fine. Is this the new version?

The new version V2.0 can be seen on both the carton and the manual. Please refer to it

USB-C 9V2A=18W ? vapcell S4+ 60w

Li-ion battery charging modes CC, CV and CV take a lot of time to charge a small capacity

The charger displays the charging current in real time. If 1000mA is selected, the display is similar

It is recommended to check with a multimeter. If the multimeter is connected in series with the battery, the charging current can be obtained in real time and compared with the current displayed by the charger. Thank you

Can you please provide a photo? The image on AliExpress looks the same.