Does the ring tone of vapcell S4 + need to be cancelled?

I got V2.0 today.
V2.0 is printed on box and manual.

USB-C input with support for 61W, 65W, 67W power supplies for phones and laptops would be nice (e.g. Apple USB-C power supply).

I really like my S4+ charger. Can you provide more details about difference from previous version, what are the upgrades?

Thank you for your information. At present, my mobile phone is 66W fast charging

But this adapter is very expensive. I guess it costs more than $20. It is expected that it will be difficult to use it on the li -ion charger

There is also a fast charging protocol to be solved.

Is there such 18650 li*- ion battery charger on the market?


Thank you very much for your support of our products

Ali-express has a detailed description of the version, but now there is a manual that indicates it

If you need it, you can contact the sales staff to obtain the electronic manual

When it will be available in Germany? I think have the old version

I’m not aware of any 4-slot 18650 chargers that do 3A per slot and have USB-C input.

There are a fair few 1-slot and 2-slot 18650 chargers that support USB-C PD3 and QC3 input. For example: XTAR SC1 Plus (1-slot, 18650 to 26800, 3A, USB-C PD and QC input).

I like the S4+ as is. I got the 2.0 version and it’s been perfect. I’m fine with the power supply and barrel jack sinput since replacement power supplies are cheap and readily available. Those high power USB type C adapter are many times more expensive for marginal gains in power.

Hello, all the new versions are sold in 2022

Thank you very much for your information

Xtar charger, 9v2a type-C adapter is enough

If 45W or 66W usb-c fast charging and multiple slot chargers are used, current distribution is a technical problem that needs to be solved

So a single slot charger is safe

However, at present, few batteries need 6A or 12A charging current. If there is a demand, the sales are limited

thank you

I seldom see it because of the price. Personally, I think it is the main factor

There are still some protocol and technical problems to be solved

Dear BLF members, thank you very much for your suggestions

At present, the following changes have been made to the problem of ringing noise:

The default display is on. Long press the dis key for 3 seconds to turn off the LCD and turn off the ring tone promotion

It is expected that the batch production order can be improved. At present, there is still inventory on sale

If there are any other suggestions about s4+ charger, you are welcome to put forward them. We will consider more upgrades for better user experience

Thank you

Hello @vapcell Dennis,
I ordered the Vapcell S4 Plus 2.0 in December and received it two days ago. Is the 3 second long press of the Display key supposed to turn the LCD off and turn off the ring tone?

When I long press the Display key for 3 seconds the LCD does indeed turn off, but the ring tone still occurs when charging is done. Does this mean there is a problem with the unit I received, or the unit I received is not the latest version? The box and manual on mine says 2.0.


Hello, Happy New Year

This is the latest V2.0 charger, and there will still be ringing tones

Press and hold the DISPLAY key for 3 seconds, and the ring tone will disappear. This function will be implemented in V3.0

The reason for not upgrading is that there are thousands of V2.0 chips in stock

The V3.0 version is expected to be upgraded as follows: 1. After the DISPLAY key is pressed for 3 seconds, the ring tone will disappear; 2. The storage mode will be increased, and the storage voltage of the lithium ion battery will be 3.70V

It is expected that a new version of V3.0 will appear in March and April this year

Happy new year

Can the V3.0 clearly identified, at least the packaging? I have the 2.0 but I don´t see a 2.0 at my packaging

The packaging box and instruction manual of V2.0 have remarks V2.0. Your charger may have just released V2.0, but the carton and instruction manual have not been updated. There is a little inventory left, which has been updated after use

V3.0 will do the same, but we will prepare V3.0 cartons and instructions in advance :slight_smile:

OK, Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

New devices with the same name are sometimes hard to identify.

I’ve been enjoying my S4+ V2 for a few weeks now. I have two observations:

1) I originally assumed the ring tone would be when all channels are finished, but it appears to be at the finish of each channel…?

My non-technical parents assumed the first alarm meant all the cells were finished, without reading the display :person_facepalming:

2) I have chargers with better + contacts for AAA cells, the S4 plus requires cells to be carefully balanced in the channel in order to make good contact.

With regards to charger versions, perhaps it’s possible to put a model number on the charger casing so that users know exactly what model they own? Or even a sticker on the underside or something?

1. Every channel will be ringed, yes :wink: . If all channels are finished the display will be turned off after a short time

My Accupower lights up the backround light if one channel is finished for some seconds, if all are finished it never stops lighting, not the best idea :person_facepalming:

2. Do you mean AA/AAA-charger or Universal-chargers? I have some Universal-chargers like the Zanflare C4, Nitecore UMS4, Keeppower L4 and these chargers are very critical with AAA, you have to clamp it in an angle. The S4+ is much better, the Xtar VC4SL and Opus BT-C3100 are similar. Dlyfull T5, Accupower 338XL are better.