Does the ring tone of vapcell S4 + need to be cancelled?

My model bought in 2021 has just become more or less useless.

All of the sudden now all cell voltages are displayed correctly only when the cell is placed in the tray and after several seconds
the voltage is shown as higher and soon the cell appears as charge terminated.
It is obviously not terminated, mostly terminating at 4.08V-4.12V
All bays with any type of Li-ion size and capacity is the same situation, all show charge termination now way before they should terminate, this was not the case ever before.

Strange, are using auto or manual mode?

What are the cells you’re using? I would assume that behaviour would be normal for cells with high internal resistance?

ALL kind of li-ion cells, various sizes, from small to large, does not matter what cell it is, most are Samsung 30Q anyway, I got many cells models.
Any of the 4 bays.
Manual mode.

But do not agree with you that it should be normal with high internal resistance cells, the smaller 18350 have higher internal resistance than say some of the powerful 21700 and any charger can charge them well.

Will it have 26800 compatibility?

No, the mold is formed, and the S4+shape cannot be changed

However, some subsequent new vapcell smart chargers can charge 26800 batteries

Smart chargers mean very simple chargers without Display and Analyze-functions?

no,The charger has a LCD screen and some buttons :slight_smile:

Also Info about charged/discharged capacity and a selection of charge/discharge current? That´s my minimum requirements

Why does everyone hate the ringtone when charging finished? I actually love the audible alert and its one of the many reasons I bought this charger.

Maybe not everyone :wink:

It depends also on where you use it. If all cells are finsih at the same time all the beeps are annoying IMHO

My Keepopower L4 do one beep if a cell is finished, the Vapcell did AFAIR 5-6 beeps per cell

I like an option to deactivate it, the Xtar Dragon and ISDT C4 EVO have this option

The above post of mine was from December 8, 2021.

Vapcell should start a thread, what would you want us to fix about our malfunctioning chargers!

The completion buzzer is very minimal minor annoyance.

I’ve had five of them now ,three of them graciously replaced by a liion wholesale.

There inconsistency of being able to pick a charge rate. I wrote a very detailed email year or so ago to vape cell. They try to tell me that was because of contacts were dirty. Really? If you unplug and plug it in several times you may be able to get your charge rate. I thought, right that’s cleaning the contacts. I put batteries in and pick 2000 milliamps. I’ve learned before I leave to check individual slots to make sure that’s what it is. Dozens of times it hasn’t been what I chose. One might be 250 milliamps the other 500mAh.I mean there’s so many issues with these chargers. I can’t believe I’m the only one having them.

All five of them have done this and the three I have left continue to do this. It gets frustrating when you want to put batteries in and be done with it in 10 seconds you got to stand over for 2 minutes.

The ones that I returned also did this. After 4, 5, 6 months they were unable to charge a total of 12 amps. If I try to put four batteries times three amps in there it would blink and shut off temporarily then it would flash with a USB on the display and it would just show 250 milliamps. You could only charge 9 or 10 amps in those three chargers.

I thought the fact that not being able to see all the functions of each Channel at one time was going to be a hassle. But I got used to that. It’s the malfunctions the several malfunctions that make this charger a piece of junk in my opinion.

In finality I will say after communicating back and forth with main headquarters they never responded back to me when I told them about their theory of the contacts being dirty when I disproved that by plugging in and out several times and then I may be able to get my desired charge rate. So like I said I told him I guess pulling the plug out cleans the contacts!

I use my S4+ on manual mode and select the charge current myself (or just let it default to 500mA).

Sorry, let you have a very unpleasant shopping experience

Rarely receive feedback from insufficient power and unable to charge 12A

It may be that the data displayed by the internal resistance of the charger is too large, resulting in the charging current unable to distribute 3A

Or you replace the adapter with insufficient power, such as 12V2A

Please send me the video, thank you

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When will v3.0 release?

When will v3.0 release

Will it have battery storage function? To charge battery to 3.6v

Thats a great feature.

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Still not sure why anyone need that?

I know, it´s better if not charged to 4,2V for storage, but to charge 1/2 the capacity to store it makes no sense. I collect some empty cells and charge it punctual before I need it. So I have full cells if I need it.

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