Does the ring tone of vapcell S4 + need to be cancelled?

4 not particularly loud beeps, each about 1/4 of a second long, whole sequence is about 2.83 seconds long.

Also beeps each time a bay is finished charging. I feel like a single beep for each bay then 4 to indicate all bays finished charging would be better.

I opened mine up and put some kapton tape over the hole of the beeper. Still beeps but at about half the volume; perfect.

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I’m very sorry, the S4 V3.0 version is expected to arrive in June. Due to the recent off-season in business, sales have been a bit slow

The V3.0 charger was tested last year, but there is too much inventory in the old version. We need to sell out V2.0 before the new version can be launched

Link to a new version of the photo


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New version looks good

Will it only arrive if all 2.0 are already sold?

Can you give us a list of the differences that will be in the V3 as compared to the V2?
From the picture it does not look much different.
Will the real voltage of the finished cell be displayed, or is it like the V2 where only the termination voltage is displayed?

I can’t imagine the glitches that I’ve mentioned numerous times will be worked out. One reason is because they are in denial that those issues are happening! Basically inconsistent in the ability to attain the charge rate we selected.

In regards to selecting the charge rate. The only thing that usually works is to unplug it and plug it back in a few times if it won’t give you the charge rate. And even then, it still may not work and I just put it into another charger.

Has absolutely nothing to do with dirty contacts like headquarters told me a year ago. If it was dirty contacts, why would it work when I unplugged it and plugged it back in a few times?

I’m not going to mention all the issues I’ve had. I will just mention one more. Just because it says 2000 milliamps when you select it make sure you check ALL the batteries because sometimes they’re not all at 2000. I’ve had two of them at 2000mAh and the other two at 500 milliamps or 250 milliamps.

Just one other thing. I use the Chargers a lot. I have three of them. Some nights I’m using 12 batteries. That doesn’t count my early a.m. hikes I might use five or six batteries.

Think positively. Maybe they heard you. Besides, it seems they must work “well enough” for you. It seems you have 3 of them and use them quite a bit…just sayin. :crazy_face:
OTH, the reason I asked the question was to see what they had addressed in response to our comments.
Including your (and my) observed charge rate issues…

It’s a good test of my patience! There really aren’t any chargers out there that can charge 3 amps a slot so I just put up with it… and a little bitching along the way.:roll_eyes:

If I were to take a guess, it’s probably 25% of the time I have to unplug it and plug it back in at least once to get the charge rate I’m looking for. And those rates are at least 2A to 3A.

In Germany the V3.0 is now available on

Did I understand it right the ringing tone can be only turned off if the display gets turned off?

Yes - I got the charger already. Long pressing display disables backlight and ringing tone. I think that is not the worst idea: if you do not want it to ring you also do not need to be able to read the display

Hey… it seems that no matter what is done somebody is not happy… But In my case, it would be nice to just be able to disable the tone. Often I want to see the display clearly, but NOT deal with the tones.
Anyway, it is nice to be able to silence it, and it can always be tuned back on to read the display.

I know I mentioned this several times.

Vapcell should focus on the more important things like being able to choose charge rate that you want without having to constantly put the batteries in and out and unplug it. I can’t be alone in this regard. Other chargers I’m sure have acted the same way. I’ve had five and they all have acted this way. Not every time but I would guess 25% of the times.

Same for me.

Disable both is the bad way.

It would be OK if there were Status-LEDs, but this is not the case.

Hope those issues are gone with newer Vapcell-chargers with similar features.

This may have been asked before, but are you using manual mode (the switch on the right side)?

I ask because I have a v1 and have no issues with selecting a charge rate and having it stick.

Also, you have to set the charge rate for each battery. I believe you can set the charge current for all batteries at once if you insert them at a rapid pace but I find that unreliable so I just put them in one at a time and select the rate, wait for it to start charging, then insert the next battery and repeat.

If the rate is incorrect (if you’re not quick enough when selecting the rate) you can just hold the Mode button until it starts flashing and reselect the charge rate. The other option it to remove and reinsert and select again (or just pull the slider away for a second).

Yeah … Always someone is unhappy …

I had thought that people have a problem with the tones because they want to sleep (or work) while charging. That you guys want to see the display but not hear the tones is nice but … Is this really a problem? You have to decide: see and hear or neither.
Being woke by the tones is a problem …

Sorry but my 2 cents: absolutely well done vapcell - keep going, ignore the noise …

On my charger I can set the charge current - either for each cell or for more than one cell when I put it in at the same time. Also do not see any reason to change anything about tat