DRY Group BUY from cnqualitygoods.com

Hello Guys,

Here we do a group buy for DRY 3xCREE XM-L T6 Cool White / Warm Tint 3x18650 Hi power Flashlight.

Product Link:


Group BUY Price:




There are two versions for choice now.

Version A: 4 mode with Turbo-- Lo>Mid>Hi>Turbo 5A with Step down

Version B: 4 mode with Turbo-- Lo>Mid>Hi>Turbo 5A without Step down

We will ship Version A by default. If you want version B , please leave us a Note.

We accept paypal only for this group buy.

Paypal account:


Please leave a note "BLF DRY Group Buy" when making the payment.

We can end this group buy at any time.

EDIT: Group buy Last to 15th Jan.

EDIT: This Group-Buy ended. Thanks alot for joining! :)



Wowww!!! Great deal!!!

Is the price stated for both cool white and neutral white leds? Or add $10 for neutral white?

It is possible to pay already? Or at first it is necessary to wait while 20-30 interested persons?
And yes, how to order a DRY with a neutral tint?

NW version need to add 10usd.



Hello galex,

Have to wait 20+ interests to do the group buy.



I'm in for NW, is this the new driver?

Do we have any info on it, ie...higher PWM?

I'm in too.

Maybe you can put a counter with the names of the interested in your first post. That way we can easily see when the 20+ interests have been achieved and we can start ordering.

Like this for example:
1: galex
2: watkins

Is it also possible to order a extra driver with this package or do we need to do this separatly?

A big thanks to everyone who helped realise this group buy.

i am number four :slight_smile: in for CW/holster. just say your number

I'm in for one NW.

That makes it five?

IN for NW w/ holster

not sure if that's 5 or 6 but me thinks we will be 30 by tonight

Thanks for the offer Ric!

Maybe we should put up a poll to count how many are interested?


Please one for me CW/Turbo

7 !!!!!

SEVEN - count me in. Is it possible to have an option to purchase 3 18650 batteries in the same order?

I think I can swing this. IN and hoping for 30+

Ric -- Can we order Sanyo Batteries to include with shipping?

Eight NW with turbo

Count me in as well. Not sure which number I am - 12?

Sorry that was +1 for me, I thought that I was number 8 on the list

I'm in at either price, but I think its a given that there are 30+ ready to buy. I would also buy a holster so I'm glad to see that option. Thank you!!!

I am #12 right now if I read this right Transaction ID: 32N971793F3655721

Edit paypal sent with details. Thank you!