EagleEye X2R Mod and Discussion thread

The X2R only draws 1.4 amp on high, so there’s no need for any special battery.

I use expensive protected 3500mah in mine (all 3 of them) for good run times between charging.

So there’s no problem with fit then, that’s what I was after.

What brand 3500 you using?

I think these models are okay with longer or fatter than usual batteries.

I just looked and I’m actually using 3400mah. The Evva brand protected version of the Panasonic NCR18650B. I got them from MTN. They will do 7 amp if you ever want to use them in a different, more high powered light.

Great, thanks for the info man. I’ll check them out.

Edit- Just purchased these from Mtn: Panasonic NCR18650B Protected 3400mAh

Where did you get the parts? I got a X2R myself and want to try modding it.

I am doing a new batch of TA drivers soon

they are not cheap, but one of the best you can get so far

Has anyone tried a lighted tail cap with the stock X2R driver?

I’m wondering if the rear leds would negatively effect the driver memory or charging circuit.

No one?

I guess I’ll order a light and tail circuit and see what happens.

Does anyone know where I can get a clear switch cover?

I tried it few days ago, didn’t see any negative effect on the UI

Nice, thanks for the info.

I have installed the newer BLF/Astrolux lighted tail switches into a few of the X2R without any bleed resistors.
Funny you mentioned Memory. Mine don’t remember the last mode. Seems to go to next mode memory.
Never realised it supposed to have the memory. Only 3 modes so it never really bothered me to think on it.

Okay. I think that’s okay since it’s only 3 levels. I don’t use it often so I usually have to adjust the levels anyway.

This one, right?
Astrolux SC/SS BLF X5/X6 Flashlight 2LED Lighting Switch For DIY

I think the switch cover is 14mmx18mm?

Yes and yes, 14mm hole. Same as the Astrolux’s. Not the bigger one in the Convoy S series.

In doing a bit more research, am I also going to need a clear plastic washer on the switch?

I gave away my 3 X2R’s, so I can’t look at it internally. Does it have a metal washer or clear plastic washer on the switch?

I gave away most all of my X2R’s also. The only one I have left is already changed to lighted SW. I don’t remember if the washer was plastic or metal.

And do not jump through hoops looking for “Clear” washers. I already have… it makes no difference. The translucent white nylon actually works better smoothing out the 2 spots under the cap.

Get some 5/8in 16mm OD nylon washers and ream out the center hole. Its easier than reducing the OD of a 3/4in 19mm with the correct ID.
I got these from amazon but currently unavailable… life time supply
Nylon 6/6 Flat Washer, Off-White, #10 Hole Size, 0.218in ID, 0.625in OD, 0.062in Nominal Thickness Pack of 100

The plastic washers seem to be used more often. You may find one in a light without a lighted tail. S41?

My local hardware store carries nylon washers. It’s a cloudy white, though. I was thinking you needed clear washers, but if translucent ones work, then I guess I have that part covered.

Man, I need to buy a lot of parts.

X2R (Jin Lang)
Lighted switch pcb (Banggood)
Clear switch cover 14mm (not found yet)
Plastic washer (maybe)
Bleeder resistor (maybe, unknown value)
Pocket clip (Mtn E)
60° tir lens (Mtn E)
Battery (Mtn E)

KD has the translucent caps
14mm(D) x 8mm(H) Silicone Tailcaps - Transparent ( 5 pcs )
Get some spare Real Omten 1288 switches from Mtn too.
Omten 1288 Small Reverse Clicky Switch

Whew, so 4 different stores, huh?

I guess it’s better than 5 or 6. Lol
Plus I’ve already got accounts at all of them.

Thanks for the help.
Now to order stuff.