EagleEye X6R or other pocketable thrower capable of Narsil?

The X6 is my favorite pocketable thrower. I have two running Bistro.

I just put Narsil on my new Emisar D4 and have fallen in love with ramping! :heart_eyes:

Now I want a pocketable thrower with Narsil.

I want a side switch, and prefer a tail switch for lockout. Onboard charging isn’t required.

The EagleEye X6R is my first thought but wondered if there are other similar options.

If I go with the X6R, can I simply swap in a MTN FET+7135 driver with an ATtiny85 and flash Narsil to it?

Mountain’s 17mm FET+7135 driver shows an option for ATtiny85 without firmware but the 20mm doesn’t.

There’s an option for e-switch on both drivers, but it seems that includes only an ATtiny13.

How is the side switch wired to the Mountain driver? I’m new to modding e-switch lights.

I’ve seen the X6R thread involving stacking custom drivers on the stock X6R board, but I’d rather avoid custom PCBs and ordering individual components if possible. I wouldn’t use built-in charging anyway.

I decided on the X6R with a Texas Avenger driver.

I’ll report back when I get it assembled.

(use the pictures on krono’s original X6R thread as reference)

You should have no problem piggybacking a single-sided 17mm driver on top of the charging board. You’ll want to use the charging board as a contact board anyways and as long as you don’t damage it the charging function will still work in a pinch. There are 3 pins/posts on the stock driver: Switch, Batt+, and Batt-. You’ll just have to run 3 wires to replace those posts.

Shouldn’t be very difficult at all.

Thanks, PD. I’ve perused Krono’s X6R review thread and saw the piggy-backing that you and others did.

I also saw your thread with your polished, heavily-modded X6R. :heart_eyes: You may have inspired me to try ano stripping…

I ordered a 20mm TA driver running NarsilM after reading that TomE measured the stock board at 19.9mm when you asked him.

Could I still do as you suggest with a 20mm driver or will I run into clearance issues? I couldn’t find the diameter of the charging/switch PCB.

I’m a newbie when it comes to modding. I’ve only done some simple same-size driver swaps and a couple of emitter reflows. I’ve only this week bought re-flashing tools and successfully swapped firmware on a D4.

I probably should have waited to have an X6R in my hands before ordering parts, but patience isn’t my strong suit. :smiley:

the parts on the 20mm Narsil drivers are only 2mm thick, but for the positive wire through the middle hole you need a few mm clearance

Thanks, Lexel.

I was confused about whether the 19.9mm diameter measurement TomE mentioned was referring to the charging/switch PCB or the driver PCB.

While revisiting Krono’s X6R thread, this post by TomE confirms that the driver board is indeed about 20mm diameter.

The only problem is that you are going to have to run a wire from the charging board to the top of the driver. It can be a tiny wire, but you might have to cut a notch for it.

My EagleEye X6R and 20mm Texas Avenger driver with Narsil have arrived.

I’m a bit confused on how to wire the TA driver to the existing X6R charging/switch PCB.

I’ve disconnected the two stock PCBs and labeled the pads A, B, C, and D.

Here’s my X6R’s charging/switch PCB. I poked around with my meter and it seems A is ground, B is positive, C is for the red/blue switch LED, and D goes to one leg of the switch.

Here’s my X6R’s stock driver PCB.

Here are the two sides of my 20mm TA driver.

Here is Lexel’s photo about connecting the 20mm TA driver from this post.

PD’s photo of his piggybacked driver setup from this post seems to show a different stock X6R charging/switch PCB than mine. His has only three pins connecting the two stock boards, while mine has four.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A ground

B +, but I highly recommend to scratch the paint off and solder the wire there or drill a hole (for the wire) where all the viases are next to the spring

C is a LED, you can probably use the TA indicator LED output here

D switch

on my picture the left of the switch/indicator LED pads is the one you need to connect

Thanks Lexel. I think I understand a bit more, but I’m still unsure.

Wire from the stock charging board’s spring, through a hole near the vias, connected to the TA’s spring pad. Another wire from the TA’s spring pad up to LED + on the emitter board.

Pad B on stock charging board will be unused.

Wire from pad A on stock charging board to ground ring on TA board.

Wire from pad D on stock charging board to TA’s switch pad nearest pin 2 of ATtiny85.

Wire from large leg of FET to LED - on emitter board.

I’m still unsure about pad C and the indicator pads on the TA board. Are you saying to connect pad C to left indicator pad through a resistor?

Thanks again for your help. Am I getting closer? :slight_smile:

The indicator LED is accessable at pin7 of the MCU as well as on the near side of R1 and R2
also you may not need or not a resistor for the indicator LED depending how it is wired on the chargin board

without the indicator LED the driver is working fine

Success! :partying_face:

I bench tested my setup and everything seems to be working, including the charging circuit.

I skipped the indicator LED for now. I usually find them distracting while using a light. It will still function while charging.

I wanted to share my rat’s nest of a test rig. Both power leads are red for extra confusion and excitement! :smiley:

I’ll report back again once the light is assembled.

Lexel, thanks again for the driver and the help with installation! :+1:

The rats nest is the greatest part of a mod! You get to see if it lights up :slight_smile:

Bummer when it doesn’t though. Or when it does and the not once every thing is final soldered and packed away. That’s the worst! I’m sure it won’t happen to you though. :stuck_out_tongue:

The X6R is fully assembled and working!

I bypassed the tail spring and swapped in the XPL-HI and MCPCB from my Kronos X6.

I’m looking forward to taking it out tonight after dark! :smiley:

video or it didnt happen.

D’oh! I was so excited to get the light assembled that I totally forgot to take any photos before I closed it up!

I had the opportunity to use the X6R in a very dark open area this evening. It quickly became my new favorite ‘pocketable’ thrower.

My friend, who has a Kronos X6, used the X6R with Narsil for about ten seconds before asking, “You’ll build me one, right?” :smiley:

I opened the X6R to reflash the driver with ToyKeeper’s excellent Andúril UI.

I also lengthened the emitter wires so I can access the back of the driver without unsoldering next time.

I took some photos of the driver and switch/charging PCBs while I had them out.

Well done on this and great pictures. My own X6R is still my most-used light and lives on my nightstand

Thanks, PD!

This light is still working great, and I still really love the X6R’s form factor.

Andúril is excellent with the dual-switch configuration.