East-92 4amp 17mm driver

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase one of these drivers. Fast tech are out of stock and taken the low voltage one off their site. No-one else seems to have it. Or if there is another driver with similar specs that will fit a HD2010 without any modifications?

From memory E1320 had a few at one stage.

It's back in stock at Fasttech.

I need this driver too. Yeah Fasttech has recovered their stock but does anyone has tried this newer batch of East-092 and getting high current draw?

Got a couple coming in - will be able to confirm as soon as it arrives - probably a little over a week or so.

Yes, I saw them at Fasttech too but I am not sure they are the same.

Looking forward to FmC’s feedback.

I got too impatient and just made my HD2010 direct drive 1 mode. After all it is a thrower :slight_smile:

Ok, I am looking forward to your measurement, thanks a lot!

Did you put your order in before the shipping slowdown, and is your shipment actually moving (in tracking)?

I’m interested in what you find with this driver also!

Was shipped on August 29th - no tracking as it was a small order. Going from past experience, it should be here in a week or so.

I recieved 4 of them on Aug 26. They were all just under 2.9A


Hey Ken,

What type of battery were you using when you tested the drivers?

I used a panasonic 18650 the green one with black stripe on top. You know the one without the buttontop. Lol. :smiley:

Great - I may have two more rubbish drivers on their way :frowning:

If you look real close, does the battery side of the PCB say “East 092B” by any chance??

The good DD version from my HD2010 has nothing printed on the battery side.

It says east 92. There is not a b at the end. You can barely read it in the black part of the battery side. All four of mine say the same. Hopefully I just got the last batch of 3a drivers. Let us know if you get the good ones!


Can I ask a question: Why do you (we) think that they have a “new” version that works as well as the “old”/original DD version? Have they (FT) indicated that that’s the case?

Maybe I assumed too much, but seems to me since they said they would stop selling it until they had versions that performed same as the originals, and they started selling them again, these performed the same as the originals. I added two to an order placed last week just to see what's up.


If you read through some of the threads on their (FT’s) forum, it’s anything but clear what the permance of the driver that they’re currently shipping is, e.g.:


A number of people (including myself, multiple times, and other BLF members) have asked on their forums, but they (FT) haven’t responded in a clear manner yet, as far as I’ve found. I hope that the ones you get are good, and if they are, I’ll be all over a couple of them, but it just doesn’t seem like that’s going to be the case.

Update… I just tried an unprotected 26650 TF flame. I did get 4.1A to a XML2 LED on a copper sinkpad. This was a bench test and not in a light. I just ordered 20 of them. Haha!

I also ordered some li-mn 18650 batteries. Since most of my lights that take a 17mm driver are 18650 lights. Has any one did a current test on this driver with a li-mn 18650?


This was with the driver from FT, right?



Thats it!