Ebay/Aliexpress 65W HID vs Fenix TK70 (new 75W model available now)




Fenix TK70


Ebay/Aliexpress 65W




Each has its pros and cons but its obvious that LED's still have a way to go before they can match HID in throw. That includes the SST-90. Watt per watt, they come close in several of the tests Ive seen. You'd see much more contrast if you were able to use these lights in a dark environment. The major downside to HID is that bulb & ballast life are significantly reduced if its tuned on and off several times during discharge. They like to remain on and at operating temperature for long periods of time. Still, at the price point, Id not be one to complain.

What kind of run time do you get with your HID? Got a link? Did you find good prices for extra batteries, ballasts and bulbs?

Your target is very interesting with all the flag poles and multinational flags. Is that an international trade center?

My place is ultra-urban, so no luck in finding real dark places. hehe...

Actually the Automotive type HIDs can withstand repeated switches off and on during operation. In fact you can try to strobe it 30 times for 1 minute, no issue. I tried this I think a thousand times already....coz as mentioned in another thread I needed to buy a whole lot of this and I was testing it out. Coupled with the love for the hobby, that is why I have 2 Ebay HIDs. They are the only HIDs together with the Firefoxes in which you can bring it out and not having people to think you are from the emergency services etc. I mean people have seen 4D Mags. The form factor of the 6-9" carry-handle searchlights is too imposing/intimidating.

The inability for HIDs to hot-restrike multiple times or rather that it is unhealthy is a myth. Besides the bulbs don't cost much . The ballasts are tougher than most people think, much much tougher than LED drivers. You can mod and gun a 55W automotive ballast to output nearly 150W and the electronics won't pop. Most of the power components like MOSFETs are heatsinked to the case ok but mods can be done. But for this Ebay type flashlight format you can't mod it.

Ok, think of CFL or your T5 fluorescent, ie long arc mercury vapor. Can you switch it off and on 100 times within 10 mins? Of course you can. It would cut down on the MTBF of 10,000hrs of course, but hey it's like LED. In hobby use this is absolutely not an issue both in reality and also cost. But for home usage where we really use it for years and a couple of hrs every night, it has an impact. Remember they say that it is better to switch off the flurorescent and save energy whenever you leave the room, it cost you more if you were to leave it switched on both energy cost wise and replacement of bulbs factored in?

Just do a search : http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?SearchText=65W+HID&catId=0

United Supply does this for usd122 shipped, whole package. Spare ballasts, batts are widely available and it has been that way since 3 years ago on alibaba/ebay.....so you can get 2 spare packs and not worry about inability to get spares. This style is very similar to G&P, and somewhat similar to Microfire stuff etc. The spares are very very close. If you are doing automotive style bulbs in carry-handle HIDs, each pair of 55W is just $13 shipped so that's less than 7 bucks for one. If you are overdriving the bulbs, doing tailstand is very detrimental to the electrodes and just eats it up. When the electrodes gap is lengthened, it still works but throw is affected.

Runtime on the 6600mAH pack is 80 minutes plus minus. It is not 65W but we'll take it as it is, basically a 4000 lumen light. We have a whole lot of it in patrol operation in Indonesia and so far so good for the past 2 months plus usage, several hundreds of man hours use. The 100W black finned automotive ballasts doing nearly 85W to the bulb is 9000L plus. For the good high wattage bulbs from Philips, it can be up to 120 lumens per watt.

Another thing is that the beamshots are 190-200m in distance, so that's why the hotspots are rather dim w.r.t the HPS street lamps etc. This is to show you the real intensity at long distances, rather than at 50m so-called "long distance for throw" and remove any doubts on whether the beams are focussed or not.


How much more powerful will this HID light be compared to a magcharger hotrod? Its the brightest, farthest throwing light that I have so far, LED or incan (not including spotlights).

Damn, the price on these have really come down. I paid $100 for my mozo 35w less than a year ago. Now the 65w w/ twice the brightness is only $135 w/ metal host and everything.

I thought in the USA the Mozo would be like $75 + 15 shipping so your price is not too bad ...that was 2-3 months ago as now it is already "sold out" even for the last few lots. I concentrated too much on the big stuff and ignored the small stuff like this 4-incher (good for closer up 100m work) and now I am regretting it as all its left is these metal long flashlight stuff. Both are in the 200-250k CP region too, so not too bad but these metal tube ones definitely would be like 1000-1200 lumens more (the 35W ballasts are in the 3000 lumens range +/-). This is not really 65W, but i have measured 4000 lumens +/- "somewhat OTF" so that's a given. I will never pay 299 bucks for the L35 at batteryjunction, moreover the shipping will kill. :)

They said that "the big one" solar storm is coming in 2012, so I guess I am ready. LOL! (remember to stock up some instant noodles and solid fuel etc) One thing that I have still fresh in my mind is the 12th March Japanese "Big One" plus tsunami.

I am not sure what the "hotrod" means. Any links, it is quite interesting to me as I never play with hotwires (too inefficient, too much heat). But I guess true power to the HID bulb is probably in the 45W range. If you are talking about slightly overdriven halogen, this would be equivalent to be about a 120W halogen in a 3" reflector.

If you are already in the incan scene, why not consider the "Dry 3 x XM-L" light from CNqualitygoods? It is usd75 + $16 DHL, and gives you about 2600 emitter lumens at least for the first 2-3 minutes. heh heh.... 3 x 18650, and very useful since it is 150mm long and get this...available in CW/NW/WW. You can carry one in the jacket easily! But it does not throw that well, being in the 25k CP region.

2100- Is there a size and true output difference between the 65w & 75w HID lights on the aliexpress site? Your beamshot comparison between the 65w & the TK70 showed it having a significantly brighter beam.

Hi, what 75W HID are you referring to, links? I don't know of any 75W OEM light.


On the Aliexpress site, United Supply has a 75w hid in addition to the 65w hid light you reference in your Comparison. It looks comparable to the light in your Photos. Just curious if you knew how it compares. Thank you.

Here's the info from my browser:


For the record and just in case, the TK70 is a triple XM-L LED light by Fenix.

The Ebay/Aliexpress 75W probably has a wee bit more lumens/lux than the 65W. I have the 50W ballast too, which i changed to 65W. But since you are buying from scratch, get the 75W. Yes, same size, what is happening is that they changed some of the component values in the ballast so that it takes in 75W on paper now (in reality that is probably lower, just take it as it is). Another thing is that it is using the higher capacity 7800mAh pack. In theory this maintains the runtime due to the higher draw, and also allows the higher current because higher cap cells means higher current if based on 1C.

It shows usd149 shipped to here, the 65W with 6600mAh is usd122 here....$27 difference. I guess it is worth it if you are a new user. In reality if you compare 65W vs 75W, you'd be hard pressed to notice a big difference, but on the meter and if you A-B compare closely, it would be there.

So what you'd get from the 75W model, i deduce, is 275k lux on my DX meter, and 4600 lumens OTF (i peg/check my figures against ergotelis and his lights). If this is true, it'd definitely be pretty noticeably brighter than say a SR90 esp in the flood dept, actually no contest at all. Again, this is assuming that the new model is correctly "15% up". My experience from 50->65W is such that it is quite belivable, and I have 2 copies of the 65W.

You need to be aware that the startup to 70% brightness takes about 8 seconds. This is hot-restrikable, no worries about bulb life for "hobby use". The often touted disadvantages is not applicable to us in reality.

This line changed from 35W to 50W to 65W and now 75W max power. 20W, 24W, 28W are the shorter models. There is a middle model. 2200mAH, 4400mAH, 6600mAH, and 7800mAH which is of the same length as 6600mAH.

BTW the Aliexpress HIDs comes in a nice Pelican clone type of aluminum case with PU foam padding/cut-outs (ultra low risk of shipping damage), so that is a bonus to keep all your small LEDs from 16340 to 2 x 18650 lights. :D

PS it is focusable somewhat bt flood and throw, so it is usable indoors actually. Most LEDs aren't.

[quote] KT70 run times in turbo
4 cell Tenergy 70 min.
4 cell AccuEvolution 76 min.
2 cell LiIon 86 min.

With 3 Cell tube and 2 LiIon 5500nAH and spacer. Voltage was down to 3.2 volts when it dropped out of turbo. The Protecting circuit on one of the cells prevented the TK from running in turbo mode, so I removed both of the protection circuits. The spacer unit with the batteries plus the protection unit installed was about 1 inch, with both protections removed the spacer was closed to 1.75 inch with the 3 cell tube. One must be careful to keep an eye on over discharging these LiIon's with the TK70 and no protecting circuit. For everyday use I suggest using the NiMh battery.

P.S. Just for the fun of it I have also run 4 sub C 5000nAH in a 1inch plastic tube spacer in the 3 cell TK70 tube, only 35 min. in turbo and also the battery from my old mag charger light. Lots of options with this TK70
So the regular TK70 is able to run with 3 cells for a long period, confirmed. Initially people just tested a couple of minutes with IMRs and stuff like that. Be careful when running with no-name 32600, know the implications.

So from HKEquipment, it is $183 shipped registered air parcel (email Stanley for the discounted price, tell him you are from BLF so that he can invoice you or you PP his email addy). $1 battery adapter for spacer purpose. KD 32600 $30 shipped registered air parcel. If you don't have a suitable Li-ion charger like hobby or WF-188, the WF-188 is just $12. Or you can use magnets.

Better than trying the lottery and spending $110-120 and still no light. And you know this is 4x the lux plus 40% more lumens and HA + AR lens and much more well made and better host-ambient heatsinking and warranty and can use Alkalines, NiMH, AA, Ds and.....

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