Man, I like that anodizing color…

Looking forward to the rest of the review…

When you shake the light side to side fast, can you see the PWM in the beam?

nice review freeme!

How did i miss this review!

Did you try the light with IMR cells? I can see the difference in performance when using Soshine 16430s and Fandyfire IMR cells (I know lol fandyfire).

That is about standard run time for a 16340 flashlight either way it will step down because of heat or power.

Since it is not 920 claimed lumens, What is the actual lumens? N

According to Chinese web site, 600lumens for 1A, about 480lumens for 5c.

Nice review! Is that a DQG tiny AA next to the Olight S1?

I measured standby drain at .007ma on the one I ordered… I like the UI as well, strobes are well hidden with the triple click.

lots of good things written about this light. But something is weird. Our Forum knows ‘good.’ And if it is good we would be well over 100 orders by now? Strange. Still on the fence here, and on the list :slight_smile:

Because of 16340/ CR123A batteries??

Yea lots of people do not like 16340s they prefer 14500 or even 18650 i ran that pole must be 10-1 towards 14500 against the 16340s

Considering the vendor is Gearbest, the 16340 battery size and it looks too good to be true, it is understandable… But not really when you consider the following.

Gearbest has given me no issues with any group buy, the D80, BLF 348 and even a dashcam I recently ordered, or the $25 version of this light with the battery and charger included. They have stepped up their process quite a bit from late last year…. Freeme seems to have great communication for his deals as well.

This is a stock light, so no worries there like the “custom” group buys. A couple of decent 16340’s will set you back no more than one top end 18650, so that should not be an issue…

I am down for three more, as I like small lights, and this one is a great build with great features, especially now that I actually have one, and can use it. It may not be your favorite light, but it will be one you use a lot…

Nice review! what’s the real world lumen output on this? also is it a better deal to buy the one from gearbest for 24 dollars that comes with battery and charger or to get this one and buy battery and charger separately?

I think it has less interest because everybody already owns olight Sxx lights already because gearbest sold them like hot cakes for cheap a while ago including the S15R,S1,S30 etc… The S1 is just smaller.

Their Olight sale prices at that time was a steal and I am glad that I have purchased all mentioned models. Unfortunately, such discounts will not be happening again soon for Olight.

The main selling point of OTR M3 is the price. Current S10 baton easily cost about $42 a piece, while our M3 group price is more affordable for majority at under $20. You will not need to worry about greenish cool white tint or waste time, energy and additional money to replace those undesirable emitters if you choose our rosy 5C.

Smaller does not equate to better. I personally prefer S10 or S15, where I can have a firmer grip of the flashlight with my medium size palm.

olight s1 prices are still pretty good, I think banggood has the olight s1 for $26.97 with the coupon code (look for it on slickdeals by searching olight s1)

True, the prices were insane for olight but lets be honest, the so called premium manufactors are often not really better than budget manufactors, its more or less all the same. Remember the acebeam/thrunite saga or sunwayman/darktort. Darktort P20C is half the price compared to a sunwayman labeled version. You can even read sunwayman on the darktort driver.

This olight design seems to be pretty popular, thrunite copied it as well and there is now another brand, angryfox.

By the way look at the new sunwayman t16r, love the quality looks. We need a groupbuy

Nice review! Can it be opened? How moddable is it? Anyone try or mod one yet?

Bezel is not glued. M3 comes with nice flat red o-ring and a threaded reflector. Genuine CREE XM-L2 LED verified under the scope.

Ok, thanks, but that's only half the battle. What about driver access? Hhmm, only noticed now the pic in the OP showing the driver. Maybe it's glued in place, or maybe separate piece that's a pill? Lot of times they are press fit in place and can be forced/nudged out from pressure on top maybe...

From the LED view above, almost looks like a separate pill?