Yes, interested.

Thanks for hosting this GB.

Looks very nice
Ia there a review somewhere?

I’m interested in the GB. Please PM me the details.

Thanks! :smiley:

I’m intrested….

It should be out by next week?



Interested, thanks!

I’m interested in this too. I will wait for a review.

No problem.

A quick question - does it start only on high?

Looking for description of UI I’ve found Imalent DN12 thread (other forum). Imalent stated “You are right that the light turns on at maximum output.” Is there no way to start on low and ramp up?

From my understanding, press and hold the power button to switch ON/OFF the light. There will be one user customized mode (from memory). Adjust the brightness (stepless-dimming) with UP & DOWN buttons. Double click while the light from ON state will go into Strobe. Single click will proceed to Beacon follow by SOS.

PM me the details please.

I’m interested. Info please. Thanks.

I’m interested please

Interested. Thanks.

Also interested, and thanks!

Hard not to be interested in this! All depends on the price, I’ve spent too much recently.

Lol, me too. Between flashlights and a new bike light, I’m way over budget. This looks like a nitecore mh20 style that I’m wanting….