Interested in 1, thanks!

Interested in one if price right!

One for me


Interested in one or two


one pls

one pls!

interested, thanks

One please.

Interested (depend on price).

Interested in one (depending on the price)

I’m extremely interested in this! Need to know more on the UI.

I do see it has “One Touch” Turbo and Low!

….BUT, IIRC there was another one from the same mfg. I was interested in, but the “instant” turbo was “hold in the button” only. (it didn’t stay on turbo when you release) to stay in turbo you had to go through the UI (not instant) But I guess I could live with that, …maybe.


I’ve had my eye on the BTU PK26 (XHP35 - 2000Lm) and the Olight R50 (XHP50 - 2500Lm) So I’m wondering how this would compare to those.
I hope they offer this in NW but I could probably live with CW if it’s pure white.


A little more friendly without that Big Brother look…. obviously its mee.

Well, I am interested in one depending on price.


:X No hyperlink, :X No Manufacturer Name, or even Model Name. PLEASE.... For those who have been following my thread should know this very well by now.

Interested depending on price.