Enogear TC8

I bought Enogear TC8 (also known as AIRAYLAND TC8 Titanium XP-G3) and installed Luminus SST-20 J4 FB4 (4000K) in it. Decided to take some pictures, because could not find too much information on the forum.

Link to all pictures.

Click any picture for bigger version.

Stock driver:

Some measurements (last one is reflector height):

Tried with 3000mA driver from FastTech. It is too powerful for small brass (?) pill and titanium combination.
Instead Convoy driver with 4*7135 has been installed. Isolated pin 5 and flashed babka:

Driver installed in the pill, retaining ring installed upside down:

Sanded MCPCB. Stock one is NOT DTP. 16mm noctigon is too big:

Newly installed LED:

Left: SST-20 4000K. Right: LH351D 4000K. Bottom 219C 4000K.:

Host quality is very nice. Machining marks are visible, but smooth. Threads are smooth. The heat is a problem for this flashlight. 800mA makes bezel too hot to hold. 1.4A makes first 3cm of flashlight too hot after 3 minutes. 3A - less than half a minute.

Size comparison with Acebeam EC35 (18650), Convoy S2+ (18650), TC8 (18650), Reylight Pineapple (14500), Sofirn SF14V2 (14500), Emisar D4 (18650), Jaxman E2L (18350), Eagtac D25C (16340).

Height: 103mm

Diameter: 21.1mm

Thanks for posting the pics and info. The 219C and LH351D looks very rosy in those pics, so I’m guessing it’s not an accurate representation because those two are not known to be rosy at all.

With the 10mm board, the solder points are so close to the reflector, how did you get the reflector to not touch and short. Also where did you find that centering ring?

Thanks for the feedback on this flashlight! I surely looks good, but those “thermal” issues may be a drawback! Still, I hope you enjoy it :wink:

It’s not accurate because of auto white balance of phone camera.

Reflector is cone shaped (deeper than e.g. S2+ reflector), doesn’t touch solder points.

It’s stock centering ring, just trimmed a bit with scissors.

Installed Nichia NVSLE21AT sm453 R9080:

That is really nice, I like that beam and temp. I will have to make a note of that emitter. How hard can you push that particular Nichia?

Very cool build, nice looking host. I had never heard of Lumintronix (from your MCPCB) but it looks like they have a good variety of supplies. I need to give one of those E21A’s a shot sometime.

PS - also neat to see that you used Babka! :slight_smile: I use it for almost all of my builds, but never really heard of other people using it.

Output test of D160 - I could not find test of sm453.

Thanks! Babka is great :wink: