Excel XL830L Digital Multimeter $5.99 @Tmart (ended)

I saw this on another site and thought it might be useful to some people here as well.

It’s on sale for 50% off with 2 days remaining and the reviews of it on Tmart are good.


There are more reviews of it by searching google for Excel XL830L and also a few video reviews as well that look positive.

Is the 9v battery included?

I’m positive that it’s included, so it should be ready out of the box.

It’s a nice deal, and I would even get some as back ups.

It looks just like the Velleman I had. Worked great until I left it out in the rain.



Thinking exactly the same if battery is included.


Thanks! Ordered!


In the video the guy pulls it out of the box that the DMM is in and installs it so I assume it is.

I just asked the rep if it comes with the battery

The listing doesn’t mention it.

I bought this few months ago from TMart - I paid $7.55CA. Yes, new battery included - mine was a GP battery. It was not installed; so you will have to install yourself.

One reviewer says “battery already installed”. He says 2 9v batteries came with his. So I guess it should come with battery.

Ordered, thanks! They have them in the US warehouse for $5.94

What??? How'd I miss that? Mine said Int'l Warehouse, but I did keep seeing a price fluctuation between $5.94 & $5.99. I paid $5.99 & $1.70 for tracking. Guess I'll shoot them an email to see if they'll change it to the US warehouse version.


Sorry man, hope you can get it changed!

Deleted battery questions.

The battery is included in this = Not NEW = $3.79 multimeter:
DT830 multimeter

Note: Upon further reading of “New other”, Not Recommend this.

For US customers try this link http://www.tmart.com/Digital-LCD-Multimeter-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Ohmmeter_p112830.html
If it doesn’t give you a price of $5.94 then you are probably in the international warehouse.
ezarc could you put both links in the OP, so that us customers can get theirs from the us warehouse.

It's so weird! I can't even get it to show me the version shipping from the International warehouse now! It must have happened because I wasn't logged in while viewing and clicking "Buy Now". I've fixed it via chat with a rep just now.


I bought one of these recently, and it came with a battery already installed, plus another new in plastic wrap one as well. The interesting part was that the two batteries were not the same brand :~ . I wondered if I had gotten a meter that had been previously returned, but it worked fine so I kept it.


I'm lost as to why it matters so much whether or not it comes with a battery. If it doesn't (and I'm confident it will) then buy one and install it.


ordered one, don’t mind having two dmm

I’ve never had a problem with T-Mart the few times I’ve used them.