Fasttech Sky Ray king $42 Fake?

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I thought fasttech was the 100% honest chinese company. Just received this Black sky ray king from fasttech. Logo is not the same as the real sky ray king sold at cnqualitygoods. The king is a bigger font than the ray. The star pattern on the logo is not straight and bottom of the star goes way past the bottom of the king. And the entire logo is slight crooked. It is also not as bright as a real sky ray king. I guess the deal of $42 was too good to be true.

I just ordered the gold one .
Well, if it comes with the 3 toroid driver and is well made, I’ll be happy.

Pics and comparison beamshots? And can you take a photo of the bottom of the driver?

I have one coming in the mail as well. If it is a bad knock off, I will be sending it back.

I have a gold one from manafont to compare against, that is genuine.

Will be interesting to see the fasttech $42 sky ray king compared to a real one. The logo is definitely off. My original is not with me anymore. The driver does look similar to the real one but you can see on cnqualitygoods and compare the clone to the real one and it’s hard to tell from the back side. I popped the driver out and saw that it has 3 of the transformer type coils connected to the driver. The main switch also rattles a bit when you shake it.

FAST BUCK ….i said it first. :smiley:

Because the logo is a little different and the switch rattles does that mean the light is junk?

I’m confused.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t ever assume any of these lights I get are “genuine”.

Genuinely what? Genuinely copied from the five million other lights out there?

They’re all knockoffs of each other, and as long as it’s a decent light, I don’t care what the shape of the logo is, or which factory it actually came from.

I could care less about the logo but I didn’t start investigating the logo until I realized the light was not like the sky ray king everyone recommended. The old one I had was much brighter.

If you're so concerned about getting a 'real' one, CNQG/FancyFlashlights has a representative on this forum Ric-CN.
So far, he has been the most broadly trusted distributor. Everyone who has received an SRK from him has been more than satisfied with their purchase.

I can personally guarantee that the SRKs from him are the best driven with the three toroid driver and are completely quality machined.
I've bought both CW and NW from him, both in black from the link here. -link only NW left.

ChiggerPepi is completely right though, no one really knows which one is 'genuine'. But the CNQG/FF one is probably the best.

There's already a whole other thread on the SRK from FastTech, just in case you feel like using the search function. -link

I think China isn't real......

They don't have any problem with fakes or copies (China and other nations), it's all good as long as they sell. It's one reason I don't buy Chinese lights, unless I intend to strip them down and mod them.

Fair Point. I just ordered one from Ric as well, to see for myself if there is any difference between the two. The one from fasttech should be in this week. The one from FF will probably take a while. Personally I actually prefer NW whenever possible.

hi everyone, just repeat from other post;

I had a 5 SRK, 2 from CHQG/FFL, 1 from Hkequipment(gold), 1 one Lightmails and one from Manafont. according to my experience, all SRK on Fasttech site are CLONES. all they looks like cheap fakes from Lightmails and Manafont(CHQG/FFL and Hkequipment’s are good/originals). their bodies are very bad quality made comparing originals, diodes not centered, button swich different, as lanyard/boxes/light… everything. if they are working – this mean you lucky, but how long they will work – no one know. so just letting you know, on Fasttech at the moment one original King, this one:
it marked as “Fandyfire”, but it just labeled as other brand, but this one looks original, no any other from listed there.

I was try to order Black SRK from fasttech but didn’t ordered because I have not confirmed its fake or not.
Clone is not problem. but everyone worry about build quality.
I saw gold SRK Mimic from Manafont. but its build quality is better. has old driver and stainless steel ring
those fakes with chrome plated steel ring tend to deteriorate quickly. I have that bad experience (not with SRK)

All gold SRK (and Fandyfire variants too) photos looks like stainless steel ring (less shiny)
But I don’t know they sent same flashlight as photo

Those who ordered gold SRKs please update here whether its fakes or not. at least good quality clones.

@Stan - Thanks for your input.

I'm a bit conflicted... The SkyRay I have has qualities of both the genuine, and the copy. I bought it from manafont for IIRC ~$45.

It has the old driver. It has the same button, same cooling fins spacing, and spacing on the back design. The LED's are centered ok, perfect for two, a little, little, bit off for one.

It also has that ridiculously glossy bezel though.

I have the Black CW version coming from fast tech, and a black NW version coming from fancy flashlight, aka CNQ/Ric.

Hopefully there won't be any major differences between the CNQ version which is definitely genuine, and the other two.

The manafont version, even if it's not genuine... still a fantastic light I'm very happy with.

thank you too, please let us know your experience! all I had have old/good driver(looks similar), but works and looks(quality) very different. too many various post about it on BLF, I’ve just posted next message here:


I just expected something more authentic from fasttech.

I would also. I emailed them before i purchased mine and they assured me that they were real. That is what their supplier said. Havnt received mine yet. Guess i will find out soon.

I also noticed some of the machining around the middle where you hold the light is a little rough/sharp. The logo definitely isn’t done right. It is slightly crooked and looks much different than some of the earlier versions I’ve seen.

The black SRK I bought from FancyFlashlights had a stainless steel bezel, a magnet wouldn’t stick to it. The black SRK I bought from FastTech has a chromed steel bezel, a magnet is strongly attracted to it. There are other small differences, but the big problem is the SRK from FastTech doesn’t work. It came on for about 45 seconds right at first, but now I can’t get it to light up.

Fasttech has 2 black SRKs. One selling for $51 and the other for $42. Both are XML-U2. Same with the original gold colour ones. I’m guessing the cheaper one is of lesser quality? Clone?