Feeler thread / sneak preview: Wuben TO50R HC ("The Flashlight")

Hi everyone!

After the TO46R GB, I have been working with Wuben on a very interesting project. Now it's time to reveal some of the secrets and ask if there would be general interest in this light..

The light is based on the known good TO46R:

  • 2 buttons, easy to use
  • Suitable size for EDC
  • Nice and clean design
  • USB rechargeable
  • Good quality

..but contains many improvements over it:

  • LH351D, 5000K, 90+CRI
  • 4 emitters (2000+ lm)
  • 21700 (with support for 18650)
  • Even better UI
  • Deep carry clip
  • Flat tail with a magnet
  • ..and maybe something special.. :)

Of course, also the price tag will be higher than in the 46R. How much? Not sure yet - still negotiating. Aiming to be lower than EC65.

What do you think? Interested? :)

If there's enough interest, we might arrange a promotional GB with a significantly reduced price..

Some renderings:

UI diagram:

Massively interested!

A lot of people would absolutely gush over this light.

I really hope we can get a GB for it.


You bet … I am in for two.

Many Thanks


Interested! :+1:

Sounds interesting, but I don’t see much in terms of heat dissipation/head body mass, which means sustained lumen output is probably not going to be very high before it overheats. I would love to see some real world testing/numbers.

Is the beam pattern more on the floody side?

Me too. :slight_smile:

Anyways, this is primarily an EDC light. 2000+ lm turbo is meant for occasional short use. The high mode will be regulated to whatever is the maximum sustainable for this body.

Yes. Quite similar to 46r.

Definitely interested.

Maybe use an NTC to throttle the current.
In the summer near the equator it will get hotter than in polar regions in winter.

Nice light.
Interested for sure.
Hope you can get us a sweet deal.

You had me at “LH351D”.


Definitely interesed, but not committed to buy until I see some initial reviews. (However, with a group buy price around $50 would be a definite buy for me - also, probably would not afford more than $70 for this)

Which Carclo will go in it? Clear 10622 or slightly frosted 10623?

I would like to ask, that because 90+ CRI LH351D also exists in 6000K CCT, will be a variant with that emitter considered? High CRI CW flashlights are very rare, and would be nice to have that in the lineup.

(But probably, the best CCT choice is still 5000K, as Samsung does not manufacture 4500K unfortunately.)

My initial suggestion was the clear one. Let’s see how that performs in the sample and change if needed.

My thoughts, exactly.

Very, very interested!

Definitely interested

Also, I think, Wuben should not insist on selling the light as a whole (i.e. battery included) package.

This should be just an option. (It would be good to make sure, that unprotected flat top batteries will be supported)

For the TO46R, the overall stats of the included battery was not overly impressive for me (With SKYRC MC3000, 0.2C discharge to 3V gave 2530mAh, and best IR readings were around 70 mOhm).


Great improvements over the TO46R. I’d be in for at least 2.

Interested depending on the dimensions. Do you know how large it’s going to be (at least roughly)?