WUBEN Invitation – Review Campaign of the TO50R flashlight

After the non-concretized idea for the pass-around experience, WubenLight now wants to invite members for a review campaign of the TO50R flashlight! Jelina from Wuben asked me to open this thread and pass BLF members the information for this campaign, so here it is :wink:

More information about this flashlight can be found here:
Official page: Wuben TO50R 21700 Flashlight - The Brightest 2800 Lumens Flashlight
Feeler thread: Feeler thread / sneak preview: Wuben TO50R HC ("The Flashlight")
Group Buy thread: Group Buy: Wuben TO50R HC ("The Flashlight") - 90+CRI, 2500+lm, EDC - CLOSED!

This campaign is open worldwide (meaning, non-geographical restriction) and 3 members will be selected to get a TO50R for review!

What do you have to do?
Send an e-mail to Jelina (jelina@wubenlight.com) to manifest your interest in making this review and add your personal information.
By personal information, you can introduce yourself, indicate previous reviews and other relevant information that can “help” you to be selected by Wuben to get the flashlight & make the review.

The criteria to be chosen are:

- personal introduction

- previous review experience

  • quality of the article image (shown in previous reviews or photos taken by you that may be send along with personal information)

The contact with Wuben/Jelina will be done via e-mail.

According to her words about members that may not be selected now:

All the members entering this review campaign commit themselves to the following:

“The selected members shall produce and publish a review of the Wuben TO50R in BLF and/or in other channels (forums, blogs, sites, video channels, or others). The link for the review shall then be indicated in this thread.”


- 3 lights to be send to 3 members

- “worldwide” review campaign

- send e-mail to Jelina

- Wuben selects the members to make the review

  • Members make the review(s) and post the links in this thread

Disclosure: I will receive a TO50R flashlight for review, so I will not enter this review campaign!

Thanks for your attention and be well! :+1:

Alea jacta est!

I bought 3 TO46R and 3 TO50R so I can give an impression. Build quality is one of the best and feels solid in the hand. However, it still doesn’t look or feel as premium as Olight or Acebeam flashlights but I can’t explain why.

The stock light measures a bit over 2800 real lumens. The light can handle high output for very long time. It has a very efficient driver and emitter and good thermal mass to handle the heat.

The 5000K LH351D tint is not bad but DUV is about +0.005, which is on the greenish side but because it is 5000k, it is not that noticeable and looks decent even for someone who likes rosy tint. One of my TO50R was bought from contactr here who modded it to 2x stock LH351D 5000K and 2x LH351D 2700K. Lumens drop 23% in high mode and only 14% on Turbo, which is not really noticeable but the tint is amazing. Duv dropped to –0.001 giving you a very nice neutral/warm 3500K slightly rosy perfection. After using this, there’s no way I will go back to using the stock 5000K. Hope Wuben will offer this mixed CCT option.

The buttons are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find in the dark. That is the absolute biggest con for this flashlight. I wish they had the power button on the tail cap, which would make it much more user friendly. Some folks here say just align the pocket clip opposite of the buttons so it will be easier to find. However, I remove the pocket clips on all of my flashlights because I never use them and I want to keep the size as pocketable as possible.

The TO50R is my trip/vacation flashlight because of the super useful power bank function. My Galaxy Notes and Iphones used to last half a day with heavy usage (navigation, yelp, etc., etc.) and the TO50R is a life saver especially in foreign countries. Now I don’t really need the powerbank because my Huawei P30 Pro easily last an entire day no matter how much I use it. However, powerbank is still a great feature to have in a vacation flashlight for just in case. I would also like to see USB-C charging like Acebeam lights in future revisions of the TO50R.

I also like how Wubens are mod friendly. I would not buy it if threads are glued and you cannot get to the emitters.

Solid light, but I wouldn’t pay anywhere near the sticker or coupon price as mine from the first GB still has UI issues. Sometimes missing modes from the rotation, turbo doesn’t always activate when light is already on, etc.

Thank you both for the input on this flashlight as owners :wink:

SKV89, the same thing happens with the TO46R and the TO10R, sometimes the buttons are hard to find. On the 46R, I put the clips towards the top in the direction of the switches, and on the T10R I added a clip too, to make it more carriable and also due to that.
I believe the E05 is the one that solves those issues with a fixed clip :smiley:

BurningPlayd0h, that is weird, I guess I didn’t read anything like that before. Maybe a defective sample (driver or switch)? About the price…it is expensive. I cannot say if it is appropriate or not, but maybe the reviews help Wuben to adjust MAP values in case it its needed!

Thank you both for your contribution on this!! :+1:

Everything else about the light is phenomenal FWIW, the UI has just enough shortcuts to be loved by enthusiasts (and the buttons aren’t hard to find when the clip is installed IMO) while simple enough for muggles to use most of the common functions easily. The momentary turbo is so fun to use!

I just don’t see the cost adding up when I can get a Zebralight with a boost-buck driver and potted electronics for half the MSRP… The emitters certainly aren’t the expensive part. For what I paid in the GB it was definitely a good value however.

Also the included battery is very long and doesn’t fit in any of the chargers I have which fit unprotected 21700 and 20700s, not a big deal by any means since there’s USB charging but worth mentioning.

Here’s my review of the Wuben TO50R :

I remember the selected members:

In case you already posted your reviews, please indicate it here as well!