FOLOMOV EDC-C4 & A1 magnetic charger

FOLOMOV regarded as a new brand of flashlight? Never seen before
Checked on the Internet, turned out to be a new brand established by an old company.
Franchised outdoor sports lighting, chargers, batteries, EDC …. and so on
FoloMov = follow me to move on.

This EDC-C4 claims to be the shortest rechargeable 18650 flashlight.
The A1 is a magne usb discharger.
Currently only found in US Amazon.

color box packaging.

EDC-C4 flashlight
Shorter than 10cm, the maximum brightness of 1200 lumens, USB charge and discharge functions.

All English color box packaging



Side I

Side II

A1 magne usb charger

Provide charge and discharge functions, the maximum current 1A.

Overcharge, over discharge protection, over discharge 0V lithium battery repair, reverse polarity protection
and more……

EDC-C4 all accessories

With the original package comes with a 2600mAh lithium battery.

High quality

USB charge, discharge port

manual I

manual II

A1 charging, the green light flashes.

Charging voltage (using Apple original 2A plug power supply)

Charging current

Fully charged, green indicator light is Constantly bright I

Fully charged, green indicator light II

Can also be used as a portable power supply.
Pictured: iPhone is charging.

Flashlight USB port charging I (button flashing red light)

Flashlight USB Interface II

Flashlight USB interface III

CREE XPL LED visual about 6000K

Tail spring

Smooth reflector

Body texture

Rubber buttons


The middle is a rechargeable EagleEye X5R much higher

From left to right
XHP35 Hi (NW), XML2 3000K 90CRI, EDC-C4 XPL

USB power supply, with no body & battery, all operating functions are fine.


A coincidence - just received my A1 charger today, can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:

Your photos are always beautiful. Thanks mate!

The DQG Tiny 18650 is 88mm long

I don’t think the Tiny is rechargeable

No, it’s not. But it is small

Folomov claims this light is the shortest rechargeable 18650 light. Not shortest 18650 light.

Heard you the first time

nice flashlight and awesome pictures

dqg tiny is smaller - 87mm, but - not rechargeable = - and i had 2 out of 2 fail.

manker u11 is 105mm, almost same size , it is rechargeable, and i had 1 out of 1 fail.


You can put a battery with a built-in charger in Tiny. It won’t work as a powerbank, but that’s probably the smallest 18650 light with a charger included.

Mine has not failed (so far)…what kind of problems did you have with it?

yes the dqg tiny is still the smallest 18650 light .

how did it fail ?

(i’ve posted this before, i am still mad at dqg for this)

light 1: switch broke loose from board, leading me to take apart [hard due to glued driver] and discover a fragile switch, a bad mounting method, and poor soldering, not user replaceable even though i can solder, for many reasons…

light 2: became intermittent, light would not come on, light would come on then fade out randomly, finally it would not come on at all


I see a M4DM4X code for Folomov EDC-C4.
It seems very good to me, but I’m not sure.
Can anyone help me with the following questions?
What price is considered very good for this light? What’s the historical low?


I think it would be good for $35, that is what a manker u11 costs, it is about the same more or less.

Thanks for the input…this is not the same though. Manker has a buck driver, Folomov - not sure. Folomov has bad UI. And overall quality may be worse than Manker. However, it can be used as a powerbank and I believe it’s still the best flashlight-powerbank on the market.

I have one. The UI is not great. My main issue is that it won’t charge the newest iPhone (8/8+ or X) unless they have changed the charging chip.

For flashlight-powerbank, isn’t it there’s also the Fitorch P20R and the Vollsion which looks very similar. Am wondering what aspects is the Folomov EDC C4 consider as better?
(we’re not considering the Xiaomi lower-powered powerbank-flashlight and the Xiaomi FZ101 zoomable flashlight-powerbank)

Frankly, I have forgotten about them. I did so because they are simply uninteresting for me. Why?
Because for flashlight-powerbank I consider size and weight to be of critical importance and they seem to disregard it.
Fitorch is 41% larger and 38% heavier (battery weight included).
Xiaomi is 21% larger and 55% heavier. And has smaller capacity, compounding the size deficiency.