[♛ FreemeDesign ] MEOTE FM1 Alu-Cu-SS-Ti - Exclusive Preview


(a.k.a Freeme 1) Project Exclusive Preview


Our very first flashlight collaboration with MEOTE (new manufacturer) and Banggood.

We have been working hard on this brand new concept for about 2 months. Fortunately, we have a team of talented engineers to help us translate our ideas into reality.

I will touch on how i derived with FM1 concept, and approach we took to ensure this light stays relevant for the next few years soon.

I am absolutely thrilled to see first FM1 working prototype today.

Time to put this light into test!

Appointed tester for FM1

maukka freeme

Full aluminium color scheme.

For advanced DIYer.



In for two!!

I already wanted to write “I’m in” but I noticed this shi*y optics that gives a nasty distribution of light.
Is this what is in e.g. S41?
I hope I’m wrong.
Why not Carclo?

So… the specs image says it’s an FW3A?


Interested if those fins in the head are copper... If not, well i don't feel comfortable running quad in titanium. I know there are other materials also but Ti and SS are great for work in the garage.

Looks quite nice, I’m interested pending further disclosure and price point.

Well done!

Count me in.

Nice looking light! Interested depending on price. Any chance on red aux lights?

Looks good….I’m in…

Good looking, neutral LED option, Anduril, and that is my favorite clip attachment method :+1:
Not a fan of tail switches, but I’m still interested.

Interested in how it can compete with D4v2/FW3A. Hot-rod-quad was done with D4, now it’s done with goodies with D4v2, and FW4a did it with tail switch!


Very interested.



Definitely interested depending on price