[GB-Closed!] Supfire m6 triple - CLOSED!

I live very close to the end of the world, when it comes to international shipments. Surely I will be among the last to receive my flashlight. Since that’s normal for me, I have not worried yet, because not even a month ago I made the payment. Surely I will have to wait a few more days for the package to arrive to my country, and perhaps, with a little luck, in two more weeks I’ll have it at home.

And you complain lol

BTW, the last event from my tracking number says OTB, Insert item into bag, and the last status is Transporting

It must be my bad luck…I tracked my M6 all week and it delivered yesterday. I met the mailman outside and snatched it up. After I opened the box I found broken pieces of glass. To my horror it looks as if it was dropped at some point. There is damage to the bezel, the glass is shattered and the reflector is scratched to hell. UUUHHGGGG.

On a good note I cleaned up all the glass dust and removed the bezel. The light still works and kicks my SRKs ASS!

I’ve emailed them to see if I can get replacement pieces…I’m hoping for the best.

let us know how it goes. I knew there would end up being damaged lights eventually. they were packaged horribly...

The edge of my lens was also cracked. Have to look at an angle to see it though. Maybe just replace with a coated lens though? This Supfire and the Convoy C8 that I received last week are my first step into 18650 lights. This Supfire is awesome!

if it was just the lens damaged, i would just try to find an AR lens to replace it. but if the reflector is damaged, i would want a replacement...

Is the lens the same size as the SRK? If it is, CNG has started carrying AR lenses that fits for $2.50/each.


Broken lens

Nick out of bezel

Scratched up reflector (I’m working on cleaning/polishing that now)

I emailed Supfire this morning…at this point I’d be happy with a new bezel…I can replace the lens.

Arrgh! I’m sorry to hear that, esp. with all the waiting :(, and hope that make things right…


That looks horrible!

I`m glad mine still survived. I hope they will learn to pack their lights better if they ever send them to End users in the future.

55mm diameter
2.92mm thick.

A quick test:

Close range measurements were taken 10 seconds after cold turn-on using 8 identical cells @4.20V

High mode lux comparison:

Light Box - Center Beam - Tail Current

SRK: 232 ——- 1067 ——–6.51A
M6 : 229 ——- 1054 ——- 6.47A

The SRK is a genuine original with the “good” 3 terroid driver. Its nice seeing that the M6 has a decent driver that matches the original SRK performance and not under-driven like the SRK clones.

Waiving them around in the dark last night (as others have noted):

  • the SRK has slightly more flood and less throw… my example has the typical green tinted beam from the older generation emitters.
  • the M6 has slightly more throw and less flood… and a nice white beam (no blue or green tint).

Since my SRK is well driven, the differences arent as dramatic as others have noted (except for the annoying green tint). The SRK emitters will be getting replaced very soon and remain my preferred bike light for the slightly wider flood beam.

Lux quickly dropped with both lights as they heated up, and I suspect they will both benefit considerably with copper mcpcb’s. In my hand, I definitely prefer the look, feel and UI of the M6. Thanks again to Pulsar for putting this together for us!

aw crap :expressionless:
now i getting worried about my light Defect On Arrival :_(

Thanks ChibiM. Looks like Ric’s AR lens should fit perfectly: http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1970

Thanks for sharing the numbers FlashPilot. :)

Thanks Flash. That is pretty good news to my ears. Thank you for the time and effort to test and report. :slight_smile:

I got mine just right now…
I like it and I am glad about this groupbuy. Thanks pulsar.

It’s a real nice light, I had no srk but wanted one forever.

Some small imperfections I found are: not perfectly in right angle aligned tripod mount and button and a small scratch in the lens, a small ano crack and small crack on bezel edge. I don’t know what to think about the button but I am sceptic about it. The UI is weird, should accept button clicks faster and SOS starts with a pause what blinded me once as I thought I had turned it off…but that’s like every time on a nice Chinese light the software which would cost nothing to improve to make it perfect ruin the whole good product…

The positive contact has a thick contact plate, it’s easy to lockout and it makes a nice amount of light with eye friendly pattern. Package was okay for me, when i am grown up i want surely a nice tape with my firm name on it too. Declaration said something like gift 28,26USD…. it went through without problems…

The 54.8mm AR from Kaidomain should fit too I think.

I received mine today, again loosely packaged in a thin bubble wrap bag inside a larger box. The lens looks fine but when disassembled I found it had a chip in one side which must have occurred during transit (due to the broken bits being there too). This crack is hidden under the bezel when assembled though.

There are positives and negatives.

The light is heftier than the king, and the beam profile is nicer, with a slightly tighter central hotspot and cooler tint too. It feels well-built. The PWM on med and low modes is also quite a lot higher than the SRKs low mode.

However, the UI is in my opinion very bad. It is a full 3 second press to turn off directly, otherwise you must scroll through the strobe and SOS modes. 3 seconds is a long time to hold down a button just to switch off. Why could they not have short presses for on and off and a long press to cycle modes? That would’ve been much better, especially if they had hidden the strobe and SOS modes in a distinct set accessed by a double click, like they had said they would.

Annoyingly the SOS starts at off for half a second before beginning the sequence of flashes, this is irritating as sometimes you may think you have cycled to off mode and put the light down, only for it to start flashing at you. This is compounded by a sometimes intermittent switch action, it works fine if you press it hard, but if pressed gently or from an angle may well click without registering anything, so sometimes you make enough clicks to switch off but as one hasn’t registered are actually in the SOS mode, which you don’t find out until just after you’ve put it down!

Mode spacing for med and low isn’t great, I think about 100%/50%/15%, 100/33/10 would’ve been better, but it’s not that bad how it is.

If this had a better switch and no strobe/SOS in the main cycle then it would be worth over $50 easily. If they changed the UI to short press for on/off and long press to cycle modes and added memory then that would add another $10-15 value.

As it is… $35 isn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t choose it over a genuine SRK at a similar price.

Just a heads up…I’ve been in contact with Supfire…and they are sending me replacement parts…shipping is on my dime but I can live with that. I still ordered a AR lens from CNQ but I’m very impressed with their customer service so far. They def need to pack the boxes more when shipping these heavy things.

Thanks again pulsar for your help and making this all happen!

Good to hear one has hit the UK. What does your tracking say?

mine is still waiting for a plane, according to tracking.

Just for reference to the people who blamed the lanyard because of the small fishing line on the end…

I check the keychains/lanyard every time with a good hulklike pull before I decide to use it. The weak spot is/was the hook.