[GB-Closed!] Supfire m6 triple - CLOSED!


Driver specs:

PWM 500hz

Low :5%-Medium: 30%-High: 100%

2.5A for each LED in high mode

SOS and Strobe, you can press switch for 2 second, it can change from strobe to SOS


59mm (head) x 55mm (tail) x 133mm (length)

3x XML t6

Manufacturer rated at 2000 lumens


I have been talking with them, and have worked out $34.65 per piece shipped via China Post. Sorry guys, they are insistent on us paying the PP fees, when it should have been assumed that the $33 shipped included that.

I have also worked out that each member will pay them directly, and they will ship them directly to each member.

Supfire has also agreed to a 1 year warranty HERE at post #214 in this thread



please refer to THIS thread about payments


list of interested members:

Pulsar - 1

fishmaniac - 1

scaru - 2

cellguy - 1

FlashPilot - 1

Livinloud - 1

Haterade - 1

Pok - 1

Pilchman - 1

ChibiM - 1

infinitusequitas - 1

JonnyC - 1

ohaya - 1

RedForest UK - 1

RaceR86 - 1

Aftrburnr - 1

Boro - 1

tjhabak - 1

bawilson2 - 1

flashination - 1

Stittville Ed - 1

reliant_turbo - 1

daveam - 2

Prometheus - 1

ImA4Wheelr - 1

texaspyro - 2

waehrik - 1

ColdFusion - 1

Melven - 1

Jono - 1

Orion - 1

jamjar - 1

zelee - 1

zeremefico - 2

dado1215 - 1

_the_ - 1

carmantl - 1

markito - 1

relic38 - 1

spoggles - 1

crinklecut - 1

Buwuve - 1

Streamer - 1

FMcamaroZ28 - 1

magnet - 1

sb56637 - 1

TrakTuned - 1

tivo532 - 2

Jagged - 1

teachtom - 1

devman - 1

southland - 1

theoldbill - 1

c5davey - 1

dbramm22 - 1

Komichi - 1

Johm - 1

63 pieces claimed so far

We are well over our 50 piece count, and would like to wrap this up in the next 24 hours. tomorrow at 3:30 us eastern time, i will remove the payment details and get the last of the members shipping information and wrapped up

would like to go on to the next one soon

thank you all for being involved, hope future group buys go equally well!


i dont. i just know supfire has a reputation for being good lights, and this is a damn good looking light. i think it is most likely a redesigned king

i will send some emails and see if i get a response on that.

im hoping if we show enough interest, i can get them to ship the lights to the members, at or below $30 would be great

That’s sweet S) ! The exterior reminds me of Superman’s “textured” costume (Man of Steel).

i had sent an email to supfire with driver questions and if they would be willing to take payment directly and ship directly to the members.

if you are interested, please list here how many you would be interested in.

I would get it for $30 shipped. Looks a bit longer than an SRK and I’m guessing 5 modes?

i dont speak fluent engrish, but thats how it looks

Put me down for one.

i just want to make this clear right now.... at this point nothing is set in stone. im going to do my best to make this happen, but may not be able to do it

I would be down for one.

Shipping/customs/payment fees (either wire or Paypal) is likely to be several hundred dollars. For easy math say $300 for 50 pieces via EMS or DHL. Adds $6 more per light. Shipped individually I would guess $8-10. The chore of packaging and reshipping would be substantial. I would guess in the neighborhood of 10 oz, around $3 per light plus packaging.

If they will ship by the piece that is probably the best bet.

thanks cellguy, i had linked your post in the OP for people to see a detailed breakdown on what costs would be involved if i have to handle this myself

i would eat the package and reshipping time if i have to. small price to pay for what this forum has given to me.

but i will be pushing to get them to ship individually if at all possible

Im in, pending final price. $30ish shipped would be a great deal. I have 3 supfire flashlights. Considering the budget price, I can definitely vouch for their high quality and consistency. Photos of this one look great! Driver appears to be held in by a retaining ring for easy access if its under driven. Maybe swap for a TP driver when they get here. Should hopefully be about the same size. The larger head should offer more heat sinking surface area than SRK. Looks like a great find Pulsar. Thanks for trying for us!

the golden model is what you find if you search “supfire m6”… aka: SRK

the post right above yours states that it has the same driver as this model:


in pending final price

Diggin that. Sexy ass light. For $30 that could be a real winner.

Any chance for different tints? Actually… I don’t even see what tint that version is, but my mandarin is lacking.

all i see is t6... after i get a response from my last email i will ask them what tint is in it. im sure we wont be able to pick tints in this deal though unfortunately

im giong to do all i can to make this happen... but just might not be economical for me to do it. at current pricing, according to cellguy's breakdown, we are now looking at $40 shipped in the US. got to convince them to ship them individually.

That’s cool. $40 and whatever tint… I’d still be in for one… provided the modes aren’t totally retarded. Her body’s so nice I can allow it. :slight_smile:

Yes i would be very interested in one, the battery contact plate looks like it will last a long time.

here we go guys!!! wahhoooooooo :party:

I’m in.