[GB-Closed!] Supfire m6 triple - CLOSED!

@ohaya At first, I was using Track China Post Register AirMail ,EMS ,ePacket & that’s where it ended at NULL but just before that, I tried usps.com and they started showing up there and now that’s what I’m using.

Thanks. I’ve tried there, and never saw that NULL message. Mine’s still stuck at “Departure from China” since 7/27/2013 - must be a very slow airplane :(…

Yeah baby!

I’m in Manchester and mine arrived today.

Undamaged despite the woeful packaging! This is my first multi emitter light and I’m well impressed. Bring on the darkness!

Yep, mine arrived just now. In one piece in spite of the packaging.

Thanks Pulstar for all your time in putting this gb together.

Maybe that means I have one on the way after all. Although, it’s starting to sound like the person shipping wasn’t very organized.

Tracking is definitely wrong for me.

I confirmed with another member that my tracking number was in fact theirs as it reached final delivery in Washington state. I’m in Massachusetts. But at least they got their light.

On that note, does anyone have tracking that looks like it’s heading to MA? I don’t have a number to stalk anymore.

i just double checked the tracking number i gave you, and the spreadsheet i had got from supfire... they are the same...

seems like supfire did not keep good records of tracking numbers. not good

Then can I trade the tracking # I have with someone whose number is actually showing some progress :)?

haha right?? mine is still waiting for airline space. I will let you know what they say tonight

Still zero progress on mine.

They have lots of time to deliver, but I have to admit it's a bit frustrating to have zero movement for over two weeks.

Got 1 of 2 about an hour ago, it’s calling my name :wink: The other one is still showing origin post is preparing shipment…


did you try that site?

Mine still says waiting on airline space. I really hope the tracking was just not updated and it will be here within a few days...

No haven't tried that one before, definitely different results;

item No. Year Status Location Destination Country Date
RBCN 2013 Collection 52803200 US 20130723 1838
RBCN 2013 Waiting for transit airline Space 51003100 US 20130725 0948
RBCN 2013 Waiting for transit airline Space 51003100 US 20130726 0924
RBCN 2013 Departure from China 51003100 US 20130726 0956

Yah, scroll up to my post #1116 Once they hit NULL, I think that’s where the tracking stops for China Post and then goes to USPS.

That sux that you haven’t got yours already. I’ll send ya mine if ya want? Again, thanks for organizing the group buy!

I have shown the light to a few people at work and they want one. Is this available at retail anywhere yet?

Sorry to hear that many still don’t have the light - especially that Pulsars is still MIA.

appreciate it, but thats unnecessary. it will come in time

i have seen it a couple places, at a way higher price





Oh, I forgot to mention, I didn’t have to sign for mine, it was left at the door step of my carport.


Since Pulsar doesn’t want it, send it to me then…

Sorry, JUST KIDDING :)! I’ll continue to wait impatiently for mine, and you should just enjoy yours :)!

Still no change on the tracking for mine :(…